Get information about the prescribed steroids that makes you gain weight!!!

Get information about the prescribed steroids that makes you gain weight!!!

The steroids are the drugs that help an individual, either for gaining weight, muscle mass, for making the body lean and ripped on the prescription of a doctor. Also, some of the steroids are used for bulking up the body. The steroids can be purchased, sold and consumed on the prescription of a doctor. This is because; there are different types of steroids and there are several laws associated with the intake and use of steroids in different parts of the world. The users can go for the alternatives to these steroids legally without any prescription. The only question, which is associated with the intake of every steroid, is the side effects associated with it.

IS it true that all the perscribed steroids make you gain weight?? The answer to this question is a yes, but this is most adverse and frustrating effect of this steroid. The intake of steroids is performed because of several reasons. Some of the steroids are taken for making improvement in performance, enhancing speed, power and increasing muscle mass. A few steroids are taken with a view to make treatment of the inflammation that has been caused as a result of different forms of arthritis. The intake of steroids has proven beneficial for the individuals in a number of ways or if taken for a shorter period of time. The intake of the steroids for a prolonged period of time has severe side effects associated with it.

perscribed steroids make you gain weight

IT has been seen that the intake of steroids poses an adverse effect on the metabolism of an individual as well as the way the fat is stored in his body. Thus, there are steroids that make you gain weight, if desired or not. There are two types of natural steroids that are produced by the body of an individual. The first group produced the corticosteroids and cortisol. The cortisol helps in reducing pain, stress and inflammation, whereas the corticosteroids play a pivotal role in the immune system of an individual. The second group consists of the anabolic and androgenic steroids. These steroids include the hormones that are responsible for regulation of the production of testosterone in the testes and ovaries. They are also helpful in the development of muscles and the growth of cells.

This has been observed that most of the bodybuilders tend to look puffy, bloated and bigger after intake of the steroids during the bulking cycle. The most common side effect associated with weight gain on the intake of the steroids is the fluid retention in the abdominal area. Also, it increases the appetite of an individual. As per several researches, the oldest question associated with the intake of steroids, i.e. whether the prescribed steroids make you gain weight is yes. But, along with it, it is suggested that the individuals must have an idea to reduce weight. The users simply have to avoid processed sugars and carbohydrate rich diet. Also, they can plan for the best meals that can help in reducing their temptations.

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