Propel Your Law Firm through Online Marketing

A study in 2015 revealed that not much has changed at how people find lawyers. According to the study, legal representation is usually obtained through other relationships, which takes the form of direct marketing as determined by fate and word – of – mouth. This tendency to find legal representation has failed to reach the young and wealthy demographic who likely resort to internet use to find legal services.

According to the same study, those in the age bracket 18 to 24 years old and with high – income earning were more likely to find a lawyer by internet search. What does this suggest? The future of law firms is seen as digital. Law firms have to jump on the bandwagon through online marketing. We, at Klicker, can help you make a smooth jump! We can deliver the best online marketing to law firms services.

Making Your Brand and Presence Felt Online

A lawyer once emphasized that having an online presence is imperative to the success of the firm. This refutes the earlier notions that law firms could stay traditional in their approach to getting clients. Internet use has maximized its potential as a tool for online marketing. Online marketing makes a big difference. Having us working for your firm translates this big difference into increased number of clients.

Optimizing SEO and Keywords

A research conducted by a certain group shows that 94% of search engine clicks are organic search results. Google’s search algorithm tends to favor the sites with the best content and a high level of credibility. A comprehensive law firm SEO strategy needs to be employed. If your firm does not have an inclination to strategize using SEO and keywords, we are here for you. This is the new name of the game in law firm online marketing. The evolution of SEO and keyword use has also reached the law firms.

Branding in Your Website

There is no doubt that your branding has a positive impact to how you are viewed by clients. This calls for the development and creation of quality web content. Don’t worry if you are not used to web content writing. Our team can do it for you. We could develop your website so that you create an impressive yet truthful projection of your firm. We could improve the quality of your content, add videos, and make a user friendly interface so that clients have a positive experience navigating through your site.

Maximizing the Use of Social Media

A survey of more than 101 major law firms found that more than half have incurred success as a social media engagement. However, less than a quarter of those surveyed had integrated social media into their marketing plan because of trust issues Let our team work for you and your firm will catapult itself as one of the most successful firms, built on trust.



Online marketing is definitely the new game for law firms. Just don’t make a big blunder by staying traditional in your approach to promote your law firm. Even the biggest firms are into the big move to go online. Don’t be left behind. Together we can propel your law firm to reach greater heights.