The free registration checks commonly called the free rego check can be completed online. It allows us to verify if the vehicle is registered or not. What it also allows is to check the registration expiry date of the car. We can check the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) status of insurance, and it’s expiry date. We can make a check on any further registration related information or any such restriction. One can get complete information about the vehicle model and its type.


Driver must remember that it is their responsibility to ensure that the car they’re driving is already registered, even if they do not own the vehicle. If someone is caught driving a vehicle that is not registered, then he or she will have to pay hefty fines with loss of license or demerit points.

If the car is not registered, this might mean that the vehicle is not a CTP insurance car. To cover any third-party damage which occurs in an accident, this may also become a reason for the drastic increase in the potential financial loss that one may incur.

A free rego check will save you from unwanted inconvenience and losing money when it comes to buying an already used car.

Not only cars are needed to be registered on roads, but all the other vehicles including caravans, mopeds, trucks, motorcycles, tractors or any other motor vehicles. A car history check is a great option to help with the entire process.


One will need a vehicle’s registration plate number in order to perform the free registration.


With more than 1.6 million vehicles in countries like Western Australia, the Department of Transport in Western Australia (WA) are conscious enough to keep the drivers, as well as, the passengers safe.

The easiest method of keeping the people who are traveling on the roads of WA safe is to ensure that the registration of the car is up to date. A registration check or a rego check provides necessary information if the vehicle has ever had any major accident, or if the vehicle has been pre-used by multiple owners.


A free registration check (rego check) in Western Australia can be done online to ensure that the vehicle is registered with the WA. There is also a need to go with the verification of the car’s rego expiry date if a third party insurer is involved. There is specifically a need to consider a rego check to know about the restrictions in the state with the confirmation of the model type.