Latest SEO trends in 2018 that will change the way your website performs

With so much competition in the technical world many of us are still struggling to improve rankings of our website pages in Google and other popular search engines.  One must use suitable tactics to influence search engines to keep one’s business up in the online world. Considering the keyword usage, domain strength, inbound linking and quality content one must upgrade to the latest SEO optimization strategies for their business.  Stellar SEO Company has the expertise to help you through it.

In 2018 many SEO trends are coming to light that can help your organization achieve a top result in a Google search, giving business a cult status over emerging competition. Some of them are given below:

SEO Trends that you must be aware of

  1. Secure Links and increased relevance
    Google aims and continues in its quest to provide the best web browsing experience to users. Google announced that secured website certificates (SSL) are an important aspect in determining the ranking of websites. Recently, it is seen that browsers such as Chrome are flagging sites that don’t begin with HTTPS as being potentially unsafe. search engines will evaluate the relevancy of the content on your website. One of the ways that Google assess the relevance of a website’s content is with Latent Semantic Indexing. Through Latent Semantic Indexing Google can gather content from billions of websites and parse through the co. This is one of the least expensive and easiest fixes to boost SEO ranking in 2018.
  2. Voice Search
    Voice search will help us in creating content. Valuable content will have a more conversational tone that answers questions directly. Search engines can interpret context so that content that answers a question and contains information about a topic will always have a upper hand.
  3. The Power Of Social Media
    In this era where most people are hugely active on social media and are greatly influenced by it the search engines are placing a increasing priority on content engagement across platforms, making likes, retweets, shares and social clicks more important than ever before. Ensure you have a strategy that incorporates social media and that you are posting content your audience will engage with. Its important to have your company’s profile on Facebook, instagram, Twitter and should have content with which the customers feel connected.
  4. Site Speed
    Google has officially announced site speed as a ranking factor. Users want results and they want them fast. Site speed also drives higher conversion rates so it’s an investment that can prove profitable in the long run.
  5. Mobiles are very important
    Smartphones dominate the landscape and more and more web browsing is occurring on mobile devices. Mobiles are light weight as compared to the laptops and hence they are handier .In fact, the amount of people using their smartphones to browse the Internet is higher as compared to a traditional desktop computer. It is no longer optional to have a mobile-friendly website.  In fact, mobile friendliness is now a search ranking factor.