There Is Nothing That Can Be Trusted These Days

There Is Nothing That Can Be Trusted These Days


In a world where everything is based on chance and the luck that people get given to them from time to time or the luck that people create for themselves. Whatever be the case for it, it does not matter, people always want to be ahead of the curve and want to be in the forefront of everything in order to move up in the world. In order to reach that level of excellence there is not a single thing that people will not do and some of them may not be strictly speaking legal in most of the times it is their prerogative that they are willing to do whatever they can to save their jobs or to get what they want is sometimes an issues that should be commended and sometimes condoned. Since people do whatever they want it is a good bet that people also rely on the reliability of certain of the rules and instruments that people and governments use in order to test the legitimacy of certain aspect in the lives of people. If the certain reliable IQ test is of the certain validity then people would not be need bribes and other outside influences to get their children into the best schools or into the fields where the intelligence is tested.

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Ideals Or Truth?

In order to prove that something is right or wrong, fatal or normal, reliable or unreliable, real or fake, and of course true or false there has to be a way to test it. That is why there are various devises and various tools that are devised in order to make these tests not just a theory but possible in the long run. A simple reliable IQ test will prove if a student is worthy of the course he or she has applied for and a simple polygraph will analyse the truth or false of a person who is being questioned for their alleged illegal activities.


Whatever be the case, it is always better to have some kind of a way to test and to find out the actual truth of the matter and then move on from there, which will also determine the validity of the certain aspect that is being questioned and then later on tested. If it is truly intended for the purpose it will not fail the said test.

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