Why You Should Make Typing Activity A Fun Time For Your Kid

Typing, a verb, an act in which a person is entering keys on a keyboard that will be translated in the computer as a language. Typing is a common thing these days and replaces (typewriting). It’s less heavy, less noise and very cheap as well provided that you’re buying the cheapest ones. In today’s age kids no longer see a working typewriter anywhere aside from museums and movies whose settings are in the early 1990s and below.

Kids nowadays are more technologically inclined and it’s proper that they should be trained in typing. There is a cliche “start them young”, it’s a popular line that holds a high factual substance. Because the earlier the kids will learn things, the more natural and better they become. But with how a kid is these days, they don’t like anything that is anti-fun and a keyboard is anti-fun. So how do you make kids learn and love typing?

Use typing games: The surest way for you to help get your kids to learn is to give them a typing activity that they will have fun on like typing games for example. These games are the best things that you can ever get in order for your kids to learn how to type because it’s literally a play and your kids will willingly submit to a typing game because it’s simply that fun.

typing skills

Give them new challenges: Kids get easily bored even with typing games especially if they played it over and over again that is why it pays to have a website that will offer a ton of typing test variations and leveling as well to keep kids challenged and cooperative. This is very important to keep the kids engaged and interested and continue their typing lesson. 

Reward them: It’s also important to acknowledge your kid’s efforts in doing a good job. Give them rewards whenever they did well. As they say, “give credit when it’s due”. A sense of reward is also a good mindset to develop for your kids because they will start to think that every time that they do good there will be a reward that they can expect and this isn’t just applied to typing practices but also in other things as well.

Typing is an essential skill today since this is where technology is geared towards and training your kids to be a good typer at an early age is a good idea. The problem is that most of the time kids don’t want to practice typing since it’s a fun killer that is why to keep the interest going it’s important to give them typing activities that are fun, give them more challenges and reward them when it’s due. If you need a good place to train your kid with typing skills, visit kidstyping.org.

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