The Basic Know-How is of Using a Treadmill

Going on the gym and even outside to exercise is such a big hassle, especially for those who don’t have time. That is why it is really a big help to have your own fitness equipment at home.

Most people choose treadmill over other home fitness equipment, since it can give its users an efficient full body and aerobic workout. But for those who don’t have any experience in using a home fitness equipment, how to use treadmill might be a problem.

All treadmills may have the same control options, but one must keep on mind that using a manual and a motorized treadmill differ from each other. And a basic knowledge on how to use these two types of treadmill is necessary not just for first time users but also for those who are planning to use it for a longer time.

Using a Manual Treadmill

From its name, “manual treadmill”, meaning it doesn’t require the use of outside force or energy such as electricity to run. Running on a manual treadmill, basically needs your own power for it to operate. Here are some things you must keep on mind before using a manual treadmill:

  • Clothing –You must wear not just proper clothing, but a clothe that is comfortable for moving. And because repetitive running in place can stress your feet out, wearing a proper running shoes is a must.
  • Timer – Since most manual treadmilldoesn’t have a screen to show your heartrate, speed, distance and sometimes time; having a timer is really handy. And to keep you on beat while working out on a treadmill, watching tv or listening to music is advised.
  • Proper Setting – One of the basic knowledges on how to use treadmill one must know, is how to properly set it up. Since, the use of a manual treadmill depends on the user’s weight, knowing your actual weight is important
  • How to Start – Always remember to start slowly. Once you had your momentum, you can now gradually change your speed.
  • Using the Handles – Handles are used only when you are starting or stopping. Make sure to release the handle when you have reached your desired speed.

Using an Electric/Motorized Treadmill

How to use a treadmill can be a bit complicated, especially when you tend to use a motorized treadmill. You might get confuse with the buttons you might see. Here are the things you should look into before using a motorized treadmill:

  • Settings – Aside from the power button, the most used buttons are the speed and the inclination. It’s always advised to start slow.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – This is a device used to just read your heart rate.