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Pregnancy depression medication

During pregnancy any woman experiences some emotional strain and anxiety. This may lead to depression and another reason for this mental development is that during the period she is not attached to her regular profession and household chores actively. This sense of void may lead to the feeling of depression. It is said that a pregnant woman must be happy to ensure safe delivery. It is a reality that some symptoms of depressive mental state can overlap the symptoms of pregnancy which is not healthy at all. First of all moods are disordered so that the woman have problem in relating to her family members and others because she keeps her secluded. The other symptoms include the sense of guilt; fail to enjoy normal things, a feeling of worthlessness, reduced appetite, low level of energy and suicidal tendencies.

Other remedies

Proper care should be taken in case of medication with relation to pregnancy related depression, because number of medicines affects the health of the baby adversely. Generally any general physician or gynecologist will suggest it’s better to stay medication free. Firstly you should have lot of water and carryout some stretching exercises. There are number of vitamin tablets without side effects which will enable you to restore the energy level providing you a good feeling. Now consulting a psychiatrists or a counselor is another healthy and suitable way to get over the depressed state of mind. It has to be taken care that anti depressant drugs do not cause premature delivery.

The safe medication

 Pregnancy depression medication

 It has to be kept in mind that only those antidepressant medications has to be used which does not have ill effects on the mother and the baby. In this respect sometimes organic medication becomes useful. Some feel acupuncture is another remedy in this regards and also some mood elevators without side effects are useful. At the end of it with relation to Pregnancy depression medication every possible precaution has to be taken. It has to be ensured that the mother is always in a happy state of mind so that a healthy delivery occurs.

Awareness about the side effects

The symptoms of indigestion during pregnancy include diarrhea, heart burn irregular bowl system and complain of formation of gas. Here performance of regular exercise plays a crucial part. You should have honey, garlic ,banana and yoghurt because these types of food augments the process of digestion.Anatcides in very low dose can be recommended because you have to be care full about the side effects of  meds for pregnancy digestion because all that matters is the wellbeing of the mother and the baby. Some physicians even suggest to chew gum so that it can arouse saliva which contains bicarbonate to enable digestion.Anatcides containing sodium are strictly prohibited but such antacid containing calcium at low level is recommended.

Proper consultation

It s always advisable to have less number of drugs during the pregnancy period rather the emphasis should on exercises , healthy food habit or any consultation with the doctor or counselor when the need is felt. Before taking any medication always consult the doctors in details.