Ideal Shake or 310 Shake

Which One to Choose: Ideal Shake or 310 Shake

There is multiple, proven and healthy meal replacement shakes available nowadays in the market, but it is always hard to pick one among many, especially when looking for a healthy, functional lifestyle that is best suited for any individual.

Some ideal shake reviews,310 shake reviews and a factual comparison of ideal shake with that of 310 Shake has been taken out so as to select one of the two as per an individual’s need.

Ideal Shake Versus 310 Shake

The best meal replacement shake should have a good and balanced quantity of fibers, proteins, fats, and carbs. Taking meal replacement shakes helps to curb the craving for foods and keeps the body full. As they are the replacement for food, they should be delicious as well. So, let’s start the comparison with flavors available.


Ideal Shakes – They come in 12 main mouth-watering flavors and frequently offers new flavors through limited edition releases.

12 main flavors of ideal Shake include:

. Chocolate

. Chocolate Cream Pie

. Chocolate Peanut Butter

. Cinnamon Bun

. Cookies n’ Cream

. Mint Chocolate Chip

. Mocha

. Orange Cream

. Salted Caramel

. Strawberry

. Vanilla

. Vanilla Chai

. ideal protein shakes

Limited edition flavors of ideal shake include:

. Banana Cream Pie

. Cheesecake

. Chocolate Coconut

. Eggnog

. Pumpkin Spice

310 Shake – They have 6 main flavors, however, there are none limited edition flavors released recently.

6 Main Flavors:

. Chocolate

. Mocha

. Salted Caramel

. Strawberry

. Vanilla

. Vanilla Chai

Both the shakes are just needed to be blend with fruits, almond milk, fresh juices etc for creating smoothie meal replacement shake.

Ideal Shake or 310 Shake

Nutritional Count

The nutritional value is one of the major aspects that have to be looked out when choosing any meal replacement shakes and it depends on flavors too. The comparison here is using chocolate flavors of IdealShake & 310 Shake.

Ideal Shake

A single tub of ideal protein shakes contains 30 servings and each serving of chocolate flavored idealshake provides 100 calories, just one-gram sugar, and 11-gram protein. ideal protein shakesuses the blend of high-quality whey protein that helps to stay full and an advanced blend for blocking hunger that keeps one full for 3 hours.

Its exceptional nutritional count along with the advanced blend for blocking hunger is the key to its success. Slendesta®, a protein found under the skin of the potato, is a major constituent of hunger blocking blend. This protein called as proteinase inhibitor 2, catalyses release of cholecystokinin which tells the brain that the stomach is full and thereby keeps one full for around 3 hours.

310 Shake

A single tub of 310 Shakes contains only 28 servings and each Chocolate flavored 310 Shake serving provides just 90 calories, no sugar and only 15 grams protein. The major ingredients are a fiber blend and a plant protein blend. However, there is no additional hunger blocker.


Ideal Shakes just costs around $1.67 per meal or even lesser than this. It also helps to last a bit longer, with 2 extra servings than that of 310 shakes.

310 Shakes comes at a price of approx $2.43 per meal.

Other products

Ideal Shape

Ideal shape has been in the market for more than a decade. With its IdealShake and IdealBoost product, it helps people transform their life by losing weight.

IdealBoosts is a perfect replacement for any sugary soft drinks and helps to stay full for almost 3 hours.

IdealBar, a snack bar, has the same blend of hunger blocking as that of IdealShake and IdealBoost product.

Some of the weight loss supplements of IdealShape are:

. IdealBlock – for efficient utilization of carbs

. IdealBurn – for fat loss

. IdealCLA

. IdealCollagen

. IdealProbiotic

. IdealTrim – for hunger control

Being a member of IdealShape community gives exclusive access to online support from certified trainers, information about new flavors, products, eBooks, recipes for weight loss goals etc. Lots of users are provided ideal shape reviews in a positive way that’s a really great achievement for ideal shape.

310 Nutrition

They are in existence for 4 years and empowers users to improves their lives with the use of 310 nutrition products. Along with Meal replacement shakes, they have supplements, teas, lemonades etc. They also have the online community and certified trainers to clear doubts.

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