What To Consider When Choosing A Garden Sprinkler

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For a person that has gardening as a hobby, watering the plants is more than just a chore. It will not only benefit the plants but also a source of relaxation for most. You need to have one of the best water sprinklers to fully enjoy your gardening experience.

            When gardening, it is important to have a good watering device. There are many watering sprinklers on the market today but there is a few top of the line water sprinkler system that stands is most preferred by many. Here are some of the best water sprinklers available for you to choose from.

Different Types of Garden Sprinklers

When choosing the best garden sprinkler, you should know what type do you need most. Remember that there are different types of garden sprinklers depending on its usability.

Pop-up Spray Heads   

This is the most popular among the garden sprinklers in the market. These are specifically designed for small areas. It can work with areas that are around 3 to 15 feet. It can operate around 15 to 30 psi which is the best amount of pressure that you will be needing specifically intended for the garden plants.

             Remember that to fully enjoy the pop-up spray head, you need to have a dependable system pressure. The nozzle size is different for this garden sprinkler but it will spray around 2.5 inches per hour.

Impact Rotors

 sprinkler system

There are rotors that are also garden sprinklers that can have multiple water streams. This is what you will need if you want to water your landscape or have water distributed in an arching manner. The arc is usually 40 to 360 degrees. This is perfect for larger areas because of its pop-up spray heads. Its spray radius can reach as fat as 150 feet. The precipitation rate is around 0.1 to 1.5 inches per hour.

Gear-Driven Rotors

This is perfect for medium to large lawns. These are very affordable compared to other options and has a very low maintenance cost because of its internal mechanisms and enclosed design. If you want a quiet rotor, then this is the one for you. This type of garden sprinkler is very popular because of its versatility and flexibility. Clogging will rarely happen because its mechanism is found inside.

Large Turf Rotors

For commercial properties, this is the garden sprinkler of choice. Its rotors run at 50 to 100 psi taking on 100 feet area which makes it very effective when it comes to distributing water on huge areas. This is how effective these sprinklers can be especially in large areas. It accommodates up to 80 gallons of water every minute which is fast compared to other garden sprinklers.

When choosing a garden sprinkler, make sure that you know what you are looking for. It will also be best if you can check out different products before choosing to make sure that you are able to make comparisons with your choices. Each brand has their own best seller so it would be best to check it out as well.