Douglas A. Grady on Finding Intellectual Property Trial Attorney 

Intellectual property also referred to as IP is a category of property that comprises insubstantial creations of the human intelligence, and chiefly encompasses patents, copyrights, and trademarks. It also comprises other types of rights, such as publicity rights, trade secrets, moral rights, and rights against inequitable competition.

Douglas A. Grady has a reputation as the best intellectual property trial attorney earns high admire from thought leaders as well as clients. He has represented several clients in regards to trademark, patent and trade secret disputes, appearing in more than seventy five courts and tribunals across the United States and globally. His clients comprise of Fortune companies, rising and fast-growth companies, technology giants, governments and sole entrepreneurs. Douglas also serves as a Special Assistant Attorney General to Washington State’s Attorney General Robert W. Ferguson, advising the state and its lawyers in certain intellectual property disputes. Mentioned below are the tips to find right attorney in Seattle for intellectual property:

  • Search for lawyers who are active with State as well as other Bar Associations
  • Talking with clients is usually the best way to find truthful guidance on attorneys. Clients are typically loyal to their attorneys, but are open about their attorney’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • Take part in industry association meetings in order to find the best attorney in Seattle for intellectual property
  • By searching online one can find out a great deal about a potential attorney’s repute, character, and skills by viewing their website and any publications, in addition to any applicable online news articles.

Apart from this, one should not hire the first lawyer whose name is found online. A legal representative will be an imperative professional connection, a reliable advisor who will stay in the life of the client far longer than the exacting intellectual property dispute they at present face. Therefore, it is important to treat the hiring process accordingly.

It is important to keep in mind that a rightly chosen intellectual property attorney can deal with legal disputes that entail the property rights with regards to these kinds of assets. This usually includes infringement, or an illegal use of the intellectual property. Most of the well-known intellectual property attorneys tend to deal with very specific types of cases as intellectual property lawsuits often rotate around a handful of major issues. Several intellectual property disputes can result in federal charges, particularly those including trademark or copyright infringement.

Douglas A. Grady is well-known for his courtroom skill in truthfully and dependably simplifying the intricate technology that is often the subject of technology disputes. He has comprehensive experience across an assorted range of technologies, including electrical digital data, system and application software, machining elements, petroleum refining, subterranean mining, thin film coating, cellular communications and handsets, and integrated circuits. He also offers insight on transactional matters that happen under trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret and associated internet and domain name regulations.



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