Get More Resistance, Reliable and Efficient Cloud Backup for iSeries

In recent year, everyone knows that leads to costly business disasters. If you have a business that is based on the cloud, then you have to get some recovery plans is a critical necessity for your business. With the combination of natural disasters, hardware failure, and human errors, you have to get the better disaster recovery and cloud backup services for your business. Most of the business owners prefer to iSeries Cloud Backup services to manage business disasters. With other disaster recovery providers, you have to physical resources which help to restore after a disaster.

However, in the case of cloud 400 online back-ups, you don’t require and physical resources to keep restore your data. But, iSeries backups are very fast, and you are back in business quicker than you ever thought. It is the best solution for you and incredible technology that save your data backup and sends it on the internet to their secure offsite data center. Cloud400 iSeries Backup is one of the better because it is faster than your current backup. Trough this recovery, and you can easily remotely recover your data within 6 to 24 hours.

If you would like to know about the working of iSeries cloud Backup, then you have to learn below:

  • First of all, you have to place at your site. After placing the VTL, Cloud400 is automatically imitate to your application and store offsite data center. This process is performed virtually.
  • If you are thinking about how to work in the case of disaster, then it is work automatically and swings automatically in action when disaster strikes. This backup technology is one of the best because it manages everything online.
  • They restore your information continually and data to their recovery data center or server. Moreover, it is running again within 6 to 24 hours.
  • They provide data immediately once the restore is complete and they will work with you to connect your network. It is enabling to your branches, employees, and customers to access your information online.
  • When you sign up on the cloud400, they execute a recovery test to ensure is everything working and verify for testing.

It is a fully integrated data disaster recovery to the cloud, and it is ready to the backup system at their site, where your data files to your applications that will be recovered to their infrastructure in the event of disasters. There are many benefits of their IBM iSeries Cloud Backup solutions. These benefits are:

    • This disaster recovery solution is providing the simple operations which helps to back up your data quickly.
    • The disaster solution is very simple and flexible for your business. You can easily set up a solution according to your requirements.
    • They also provide the latest IBM technologies to deliver the highest performance.
  • There is no hardware, and maintenance cost, you have to pay your monthly subscription for your business. Moreover, you can easily access via simple internet connections.

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