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4 Ways to Promote a Self Storage Unit

Self-storage companies are making their way into the market by putting their empty spaces in the leasing department for storage purposes. To catch up with the modern lifestyle, some people are renovating their houses. As temporary storage for their stuff, people are considering renting a self-storage unit to avoid their things from being damaged. Make sure that the location of your unit is secured and near your place.

Delving in the self-storage business sectors, there exists a healthy competition in countries where storage units are a hit. For your spaces to survive, you need to think of ways to promote your units. Below are ideas on how you can promote your units to compete healthily.

Utilizing Social Media

Now that the use of technology is emerging, it is better to utilize it as much as possible. Social media are currently dominating the computer world. It is a must for your business to use social media platforms for communication and promotion purposes. One thing you should note is that you should never buy followers for your social media accounts because it cannot determine your real-time marketing performances in media platforms.

Research on proper marketing on social media. You can utilize different strategies of persuasion to help you gain customers online. Once your storage company becomes credible online, your marketing strategy is deemed effective.

Upgrading the Business

When your business expands, upgrading is necessary. Buy as many properties as you can because it will benefit your business in the long run. You can start by scouting empty spaces on accessible locations such as places near the town proper, train stations, bus stops, and expressways.

Moreover, you can also upgrade your services to attract more customers. You can try installing a climate or temperature-controlled facility because clients would love that. Think of current trends that will let you gain customers in the future. Make sure that the execution of the strategy is done well.

self storage in Singapore

Using Referral Marketing

According to business experts, referral marketing is one of the most effective ways for business promotions. Once the word-of-mouth that your company offers the best services became viral, you can be credible in a short period.

Self-storage promotions are challenging because not everyone is looking for storage units. One thing you could do to make the promotion easier is to provide reliable services and best amenities to your current customers. If they are satisfied, they can refer you to some of their colleagues that will soon need your service.

Offering Affordable Promos

If you already established credibility in the sector and your business expanded already, then the marketing strategies you employed are working. Moreover, you can also try giving out promos. Take Store It! in Singapore as an example. They are offering free first-month rental if their clients will opt to rent the unit for more than a month. Their self storage promotions are currently on their peak because they have loyal customers not just in the country but also globally.

Promoting your business will never be easy. You have to take in a lot of considerations before you apply the most appropriate marketing strategy for your line of business.

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