Best Version Media Has Effective Methods to Reach the Target Markets

Best Version Media, LLC is one of the key magazine distributers operating in North America.  This organization majorly creates and publishes diverse microtag magazines.  They also aim to making sure that these magazines are able to reach the diverse aspects of the local community, including both the individuals residing and businesses operating there. According to many Best Version Media reviews, this company is also able to reach various niche markets in a highly effective manner.  This company has been serving various organizations belonging to the local community for more than a decade now.  While it initially started with six magazines, this organization enjoys an impressive reach currently.

  • Open Rate: This enterprise boasts of 89.4% open rate for their magazines. As per careful internal surveys, the homeowners of the community tend to reference the publication up to five times each and every month. As per reliable glassdoor Best Version Media reviews, their publications are delivered directly to the residents to ensure their highest level of convenience. This company ideally tends to target prosperous subdivisions and affluent homes in the distribution area in order to ensure that the people working in them are able to reach their target audience without any problems.
  • High Value: This company tends to reach the even the most niche markets by following the carefully designed and effective system of micro-target marketing. The people working for Best Version Media are well aware of the fact that relevant content results in repeat readership. Therefore they aim at working towards ensuring that the content relevant and important to the communities reaches each and every house present there. As per a certain survey, 92.6% of residents of the local community found the content of their magazine very useful. Each and every magazine published by this company tends to be customized for the neighborhood it serves.
  • Market penetration: Good market penetration is highly important to make sure that the relevant content reaches each and every person who might have a use for it. Owing to this factor, Best Version Media tends to mail their magazines directly to the houses of the residents of a community. This factor augments the chances of prospective market penetration to a good extent.  This company subsequently aims at targeting residents who are educated and affluent. They majorly do so as these readers tend to enjoy a superior purchasing power. The good purchasing power of the readers subsequently enhances the profit prospects of all the businesses working with this publishing company.
  • High impact exposure without waste: According to the reliable and trustworthy indeed and glassdoor reviews of this company, they ideally have developed a new, innovative and effective approach called micro-target-marketing. This well-defined approach goes a long way in enabling the business owners working with this company with the opportunity to reach highly sought-after and prosperous niche markets.

The positive reviews, as well as the key characteristics of Best Version Media reflect that it essentially is one of the premier publishing houses of North America .