Essential Items for Your Shapewear Wardrobe

Essential Items for Your Shapewear Wardrobe

Whether you want to look slimmer and sleeker in a cocktail dress or office uniform, shapewear can help. You can even use shapewear during ordinary days when you prefer wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Aside from achieving that slimmer and sleeker look, shapewear can provide support to the back and bust area. With this, shapewears are now essential parts of the wardrobe. If you are new to building a shapewear wardrobe, here are the essential items you need to secure:

  • Tights: securing tights is the best way to start your shapewear wardrobe. There are different types of tights you can consider from slimming the whole leg to rear, waist, and hips. Tights can also help by smoothing out panty lines. Most tights also boost the butt.
  • Mid-thigh shapers: mid-thigh shapers are similar to bicycle shorts – it extends up to the waist or higher. It can also cinch your abdomen, thighs, butt, and hips. This is useful if you want to get rid of bulk on your thighs. If your goal is to conceal the bulk all over, you need to find mid-thigh shapers that come up just under your bust.

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  • Full body suit: full body suits are popular. It should be a part of your wardrobe. It essentially slims the hips and holds in the stomach. However, it can flatten your chest similar to the effects of a sports bra. You must know that there are new styles that feature open bust these days. When you consider a full body suit, you should ensure that the overall effect is smoothing and does not create bulges in new spots. If you want to boost your butt, you should look for full body suit with butt-boosting style as they come with padding.
  • Camisoles: it is not a surprise that the number one spot you want to cover is your stomach. The camisole can help smooth out muffin top by tucking it into your pants. It can also handle the bra bulge on your back.
  • Panties: you should not miss shapewear panties because it can slim down thighs, hips, rear and even stomach in some cases. Aside from these, it can also get rid of panty lines (if they are seamless). There are different types of panties but if you want to have sleeker thighs, you should look for boy short cut panties.
  • Slip: slip can get rid of panty lines and bulges under sheer or thin dresses. With this, slip shapewear is ideal for cocktail dresses and other formal events. Fortunately, there are many options for you.

So, what’s next?

Before you purchase, it is crucial that you read reviews. Best Shapewear Store Reviews can help you in terms of gathering insights. Think that there are many users with different experiences. In the end, it can help you make an informed decision.

Final words

You have to ensure that the shapewear will match your needs. There will always be something for you – if you do your research. In the end, it can improve your overall look at the same time boost your self-confidence.

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