How To Cut Down Electric Bill And Go Green?

How To Cut Down Electric Bill And Go Green

The stressful economic crisis has been a burden. A lot of people are having a hard time on how to adjust their budgets. Most especially, when monthly salary has an intended budget. So, there is a reason why people are having a headache seeing bigger electric bill. But, this has become a big problem in the past. Fortunately, people become creative and wise on how to deal with the financial burden. Solar panels were invented as an alternative to lessen expenses. Why would anyone waste money and time to look for an alternative? There is already an effective way to save money and cut down the electric bill using a solar panel. In fact, there are a lot of people from different parts of the world using the device.

What are solar panels? 

A solar panel is designed to absorb the rays of the sun. The absorb sun rays will be the source of energy to generate heating or electricity. Yes, this is very possible since this has been tried before it was invented and launched. Many people have been using solar panels as an alternative to electric power. The device is much safer to use than the usual electric power we are using now. Solar panels are the devices used for converting light into electricity. The batteries for solar panels make the device functional. Just the same with the other devices that use batteries, solar panels are the same. So, if you have solar panels installed, you need to choose the best batteries as well. The solar energy system will perfectly function with high-quality materials.

Key points to consider in a solar battery

There are particular specifications to use to evaluate solar battery options. The solar battery lifespan is one of the most important consideration. It is very important that you know how long it lasts and the power it provides. This will help you to compare home energy storage options. Now, with these ideas, it would be easy for you to know the different types of solar batteries.

Compare solar storage options

The solar storage options must be considered. You might come across with many complicated product specifications. During the evaluation, the most important parts to consider are the following:

  • Battery capacity. This is the total power amount of the electricity stored in a solar battery. It is measured in kilowatt-hours. Solar batteries are designed as stackable. Meaning, you are able to include multiple batteries with the solar storage system. It can get extra capacity. The capacity can tell how big the battery is, but it can’t tell you much the electricity it provides.
  • Power ratings. The power rating of the battery is very important to consider. The amount of electricity it delivers is considered.
  • DoD (Depth of Discharge). This is the amount of the battery’s capacity used. Most of the solar batteries need to charge all the time because of the chemical composition.
  • Round-trip efficiency. This represents the energy amount used as a percentage of the energy amount stored in it.
  • Warranty. This guarantees a certain cycle or years of the solar batteries’ useful life.
  • Manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer that produces high-quality solar batteries is considered.