Which Is Between Dyson V6 And V7?

Dyson v8 vs v10

There are many vacuum products out there today for the perfect cleaning of the home. While it is true that all vacuum cleaners have the same purpose, it is also true that the functions and features of these vacuum cleaners differ one from the other.  If you are confused about which vacuum cleaner can give you the best performance among the various vacuum cleaners out there, you can go for Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaners and you will never regret it. Be that as it may, Dyson vacuum cleaners differ one from the other. Some of the most outstanding ones are Dyson V6 and Dyson V7. They are both great but the features differ slightly. So, which one is the better choice between Dyson v6 vs v7? Continue reading to find out.

The differences to note

The two of them come with multiple functions and this make reliable for perfect vacuum cleaning.  Dyson V7 can be considered as an upgraded form of the V6. However, V6 comes with a very strong suction power, stronger than what obtains in V7.  Be that as it may, V7 comes with a far better brush bar power; its brush bar power is 75% stronger than what obtains in V6.  As a result, you can expect a better cleaning effect in V7. This is an important factor to consider when deciding on which to buy between Dyson v6 vs v7.

Dyson v8 vs v10

Battery life

Dyson V7 has a battery that can last 10 minutes more than the battery in V6, which makes it the winner in this aspect.  V6 can only work for 20 minutes before requiring another charge. V7, on the other hand, can run for 30 minutes before you need to recharge the battery. In fact, the battery can sometimes last for more than 30 minutes.

The issue of cost

The quick release system in the crevice tool in the V7 makes it a far better choice compared to V6.  V7 equally features a direct drive cleaner, which is absent in Dyson V6.  As far as the issue of cost is concerned, Dyson V6 is the winner. It costs less than V7. This is not to say that V6 is very cheap.  Be that as it may, it must be noted that the cost can be determined by the series of either V6 or V7 that you buy.

When choosing between V6 and V7, you will need to consider your budget.  If you are living on a strict budget, you may have to opt for Dyson V6. If you can spare more money, on the other hand, you can simply go for V7. The difference in price should not be surprising considering the fact that Dyson V7 has much more features than V6. Whichever of them you decide you buy, you will always get good value for money.