Top Few Things You Should Know About OTC Drug Approvals And Compliance

Getting Approval For Your OTC Drugs In Israel

Getting approval for OTC drugs in Israel requires help from David Page Law because you must have a lawyer on your side who knows the statutes, the laws surrounding the sale of these drugs, and the tests that must be done. There are many OTC drug approvals and compliance issues that you must deal with, and it would be wise for you to hire a lawyer as soon as you think it is time to begin marketing in Israel. Read below to see what can be done for you when you find the right lawyer.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

A lawyer knows how to speak the legalese that is used in courts in Israel, and they are already familiar with what the government will expect. The OTC drug approvals and compliance issues that you have are usually tied to testing and marketing. You must have a lawyer look over all your documentation, and they will let you know what they would do in your situation. You can create a list of things you need to do to keep your project moving forward, and you could have the lawyer show you what must be done next until you are done with the process.

Allow David Page Law To Speak On Your Behalf

Allow David Page Law to speak on your behalf. They will talk to the local government and any code enforcement officials who want to know more about your product. You should not speak to government officials without your lawyer present because only your lawyer knows how to keep the process moving forward. You never want to say anything accidentally that would derail the approval of your product.

How Long Does The Approval Process Take?

The approval process that you use could take several months, and it would be wise to have a lawyer on the ground in Israel who can handle everything for you. The lawyer will send you the progress reports, and they will let you know of any hurdles that they have encountered in the process of approving your drug. You need to respond to any requests by the government for more information, and you must have a plan put together that will explain to the government how you will address their concerns. You will never get your drug approved if you are fighting with the government or disagreeing with everything they say.

Who Can Have A Drug Approved In Israel?

Any company can come to Israel to have their drug marketed and sold, but they must follow the rules that were created for all prescriptions in the country. The Israeli government is very serious about controlling how medications get into the hands of the public, and you are required to follow the rules to the letter. You are not allowed to get around this process even if you have an OTC product. You must remember that the country takes drug addiction very seriously, and they will want to know how addictive your product is. This alone is a very big deal because it can be hard for a drug to be approved if you have not done the appropriate addiction screening and testing.

Consult David Page Today!

Allow the lawyer to do everything for you so that you can get your PTC medication approved right away. You must allow them to submit all information to the government on your behalf. They will communicate with you often, and they will only charge you for work that has been submitted directly to the government. The lawyer knows the law, knows how to explain the laws, and will talk you through the approval process.