The Top Five Things to Enjoy at a Samui Beach Club

One of the best things about being able to see Thailand is having the chance to kick back and relax on one of its world-class beaches. For those looking for a new type of getaway in the Southeast Asia area, Thailand can represent a very welcome breath of fresh air. For those who are self-professed beach bums ready to relax on a sandy shore somewhere, Thailand can be an exciting new getaway. If you’ve already been to the big beaches everywhere from California’s Venice Beach to Venice itself in Italy, it may be time to finally hit the sand and surf out near Samui.

Of course, the best places to stay in Samui offer a lot more than just a few grains of sand.

Here’s what you can expect when you book your stay at the best beach club in Samui.

  1. Swimming Pools

It’s all but essential for every beach resort worth its salt (or sand) to have lovely swimming pools on hand, and the best ones in the Samui area are no exception. If you are looking to take a dip without going all the way out to the ocean every day during your stay in Samui, these pools can be a great option. What’s more, the best beach clubs in the Samui area offer many different types of swimming pools, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your mood. Whether you’re looking to go for a family swim, go diving into the deep end of a pool, or are looking to relax in a jacuzzi area, the best swimming pool and hot tub areas at the finest beach clubs in the Samui area have it all.

  1. Poolside Bars

Of course, what’s a good swimming pool without a poolside bar or two? The best swimming pools and beach resorts in the Samui area offer fantastic poolside bar options, which in turn serve tasty cocktails and entrees which can help guests fully embrace the local “flavor” of the area.

  1. Fantastic Restaurants

Speaking of which, the finest restaurants in the Samui area, both onsite and around these beach resorts, serve traditional Thai cuisine with a modern twist. No matter what your culinary tastes may be, you’re sure to find fine dining and places for the whole family alike when you book your stay at the best beach clubs in the area.

  1. Watch the Sunset

One of the best things these beach clubs offer is the ability to watch the sunset on one of the lovely deck lounge areas. It’s something so simple, and absolutely free, and yet there is no question that it can be one of the most moving and romantic moments of any trip to the Samui area.

  1. Activity Areas

In addition, the best beach clubs also offer a wide range of activity areas for kids to play. From water slides outdoors to game hubs inside, there are fun and games for the whole family.

Book your stay at the best beach clubs in the Samui area today.