6 Areas to Keep in Mind during End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is not always a very simple task as one needs to take care of so many aspects. The constant fear that runs in one’s mind is whether he or she would be able to return the house at the end of their lease tenure in a clean and well-maintained condition. Taking the end of lease cleaning seriously can put the tenant’s bond money at stake. More importantly, a task like this often becomes quite tiresome and time-consuming, and it might make you feel exhausted. However, if you take the help of a professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne, you can observe the maintenance and cleanliness of every nook and corner of your property carefully.

There are some common areas that most people tend to neglect in end of lease cleaning methods. So here’s a to-do list that you must follow while hiring an end of lease cleaning Melbourne company.

  1. Walls, doors and windows: These are the main focal points that are bound to catch anyone’s eyes the first time someone enters your home, especially your landlord. Make sure that your cleaning service team cleans these areas thoroughly. A pro tip would be to tie a microfiber cloth to a stick and wipe these areas both from inside and outside. Also, make sure that you don’t miss out on the blinds as they tend to accumulate the maximum dirt and grime.
  1. Kitchen Corners: Kitchen is a place in your entire house where the maximum grease gathers. Look for any accumulation of food particles, dust and grease under the sink or cupboard. Make sure your cleaning service uses cleaning spray to clean these areas. Also, don’t forget to clean the oven, kitchen countertops, chimney, tiles, floor, shelves, drawers, stovetop, knobs, rings, exhaust fan filter, drain holes, etc. Oil, food crumbs and spices tend to stain these areas. Use damp cloth/sponge and special cleaners, and scrub these spaces thoroughly. Most importantly, never forget to throw the garbage and clean your garbage bin very conscientiously.

  1. Carpeted Space: Improper cleaning and maintenance of carpeted floors might lead to reduced longevity and discolouration. Use vacuum cleaners to clean every corner and check for any stains, grease, dirt, etc. In case of stubborn stains, use proper spray cleaners or try steam cleaning.
  1. Bathroom: Deep clean drawers and cupboards, exhaust fan, window tracks, mirrors, tiles, handles, rings, towel rails, buckets, etc. Disinfect shower, tap, drains, floors, doorknobs, toilet seat, bathtub and washbasins. Remove soap residues from walls, floors, glasses, etc.
  1. Laundry Area: Consider cleaning cu[pbiards and drawers, (both inside and outside), mirrors, taps, windows, filters, walls, doors, doorknobs, handles and the space behind the washing machine. Ask your end of lease cleaning company to wipe and mop the floors properly.
  1. Appliances: Never forget to clean the refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine, geyser, AC, exhaust fan, chimney, dishwasher, etc. Use mild soapy water and sponge to clean delicate areas.

Apart from the above, however, there are other services offered by end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals. These include cleaning of the garage, balcony railings and floors, garden area or backyard, glass surfaces, lights, floors, walls, ceilings, and even removing cobwebs.

So if the lease period is nearing its end and you are running out of time, do consider hiring one of the professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne.

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