Choose Comfort and Style with Bewakoof’s Best-Quality Slippers

Slippers came into existence after the French Revolution in the 19th century. Ever since then, they have acquired a desirable space in every day’s fashion. Women get better flexibility in their fashion while using the slippers where they prefer picking assorted array of colors like  light green, purple, and pink.

At present, slipper fashion is revolutionizing style and elegance that men and women want to embrace . Primarily women these days have shown inclination towards closed slippers, casual flats, and open heeled to complement their dressing. Without any further ado, let’s deep dive and explore more about slippers.

Let’s discuss the different varieties in ladies slippers available these days to know more-

  1. A perfect pair of slipper magnifies your personality. For girls, the most snuggly footwear is the flat one. Additionally, this footwear comes with the advantage of incompatible styles. For a beach visit, you can have the rubber flat slippers. The best part is you can wash them with water after your vacation.
  2. The indoor flip-flops, firstly favoured in Japan only, are widespread across the whole world. These girls’ chappals have rubber material and can be your unique evening fashion for a formal event or party. You can blend them in your fashion preference with stuff like bows, fringes, and sequins.
  3. Give yourself a sassy makeover by wearing kitten heeled slippers. This pattern will intensify your feet’ appearance, and with small heels, it will be comfortable for you as well.
  4. Have moccasins with your pyjama when you lounge on your sofa. Also wear them with jeans, sweatpants, or leggings. Moccasins are very restful as you can wear them anytime. In winters, you will get to know that these are an excellent option to pick. The material for moccasins is suede, faux fur, sherpa, leather, and flannel that keep the feet warm. On top of that, the colours and prints are fantastic to light up your style.
  5. Another one is a bootie that you can wear while wandering in the house. With the coverage to the ankles, they provide you with full warmth. Dress them with anything, from yoga outfits to jeggings. Their plush faux fur outline will give you a cozy feel. Adorn them with bows and pom-poms.

Some FAQs about Ladies Chappals:

  • Slipper or crocs- which one is better?

We all have a belief that women slippers are full of comfort. Meanwhile, we recommend crocs for people who are looking for covering their feet entirely. But sometimes it becomes very sweaty with crocs. After comparison, if you want open and spacious footwear, then slippers will meet your demands. Colloquially, chappals strike the chord when you seek comfort with style.

  • What are the distinct varieties in slippers for girls?

There are umpteen varieties in ladies’ slippers with peculiar benefits. Slip-Ons will be perfect for your proper use as these have the slightest design and teamed-up efficiently.

  • What is the material used for slippers?

Often, daily use slippers are made with materials like TPR and PVC, purposed for the leather look. This stuff makes the slippers very long-lasting and feathery. Rubber alternatives are also available for a traditional look. Mostly every material is water-proof and never creates a problem in rainy-seasons. Though we mostly wear this kind of footwear in summers or inside our homes.

  • Is there anything wrong with wearing slippers?

No, not at all. Slippers can never be wrong for anyone. On the flip side, they provide your feet protection from fungal or bacterial contamination. Going with chappals will make your house clean and give a firm grip on your feet, saving you from falls.

  • Which slipper will be the best choice for wooden floors?

Favour rubberized and rug soled slippers when you are striding in the house. It will prevent slipping on the smooth floors.

  • Washing machine or hand washed- which is suitable for slippers?

Leather is unable to be washed in washing machines. Alternatively, clean the leather with a wet cloth. Try this with the suede with mild detergent and soft brush without flooding them inside water.

You can wash cotton slippers with warm water on a gentle cycle. Use a laundry bag to be free from friction. It will be safe with hand washing with moderate detergent and rubbing them together to remove the dirt. Or you can soak them for 10 minutes for good results.

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