The top Strangest and craziest missions of GTA 5

GTA V is a very varied game that always strives to find new themes to entertain the player. The wide variety of content gives you the opportunity to use many options in your mission narrative.In this list, you can find some of the strangest and craziest missions in GTA V.Click here for gta 5 apk.

Death at sea

This mission is one of the rare examples of human charity found in GTA V. Michael becomes involved with Abigail, a widowed woman whose insurance company refuses to pay for the death of her husband in a car accident. Click here for gta 5 apk.

It’s time to look for evidence, as the song would say, under the sea. You have to retrieve the evidence using a sonar boat to locate them.

Vinewood Memories

In this exclusive episodic mission from Trevor, you meet an eccentric tourist couple looking to get hold of items from celebrities who live in Vinewood.

Trevor, who is also mistaken for a famous person, has to get hold of different objects, each one more curious.

The thing is climbing more and moreuntil it reaches a degree of madness such that the trio ends up kidnapping a famous person.

A welcome to the American

Trevor is also the protagonist of this Strangers and Fools mission. In it, several “guards” chase someone who appears to be an illegal immigrant.

Trevor teams up with the “law enforcement” to take down anyone they see as a threat.

This mission is a satire on the immigration problem in the United States and this can be seen by listening to the conversations that take place inside the vehicle, many of them completely hilarious, as Trevor does not stop arguing and complaining.


While driving Franklin we meet a young paparazzi trying to make a name for himself in the world. To do this, he asks us for help and we are the ones who have to take pictures of celebrities.

In almost all the times we have to catch them red-handed, like making love, for example. They are fast and fun assignments and many ends up in frenzied chases at full speed. It exemplifies this journalistic phenomenon very well.

Risk management

Franklin stars in these strange, but very funny missions in which we meet Dom, a fan of adrenaline and extreme sports in general. In each of them, we can do different activities such as parachuting, descending at full speed by bicycle down the slopes, etc.

The strangest thing of all is how Franklin manages to understand the dog that starts the mission. Although it is already known that this character has a special connection with these animals.