Regular Maintenance is the key to a Refrigeration System’s long run

If you are into a business where commercial refrigeration or industrial refrigeration is an absolute must, then you must have realized while evaluating your overhead that at times it is hard to see preventive maintenance as more than a trivial business expense. It may not be very obvious but the fact remains that commercial refrigeration repairs and maintenance can provide a wide range of immediate and extended benefits. Preventive measures are not just about saving money, it is also one of the smartest investments that you can possibly make.

Benefits of regular maintenance & repairs of commercial refrigeration:

  •       Savings in terms of monthly utility bills and prevents costly inventory losses
  •       Periodic tune-ups can prevent inconvenient breakdowns, minimize spoilage and food safety violations
  •       Research suggests that it can boost mechanical efficiency by 5% to 15%
  •       Regular inspections can help in detecting minor mechanical issues that could lead to breakdowns and causing severe financial losses
  •       Timely intervention can minimize mechanical noise and vibration thus creating a more pleasant environment for employees and customers

With help from a professional service, maintaining your refrigeration equipment might be a lot easier than you might imagine. Look no further than NKS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Highly reputed as specialists in Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration across Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, Regional Victoria and Australasia, they offer very prompt, reliable and efficient services at all times, 24/7. Irrespective of your refrigeration system being a small cooling room, a Glycol Refrigeration System or a large industrial ammonia plant, the team of specialists at NKS are committed to provide a high standard of quality service to ensure that your equipment is operating reliably and at optimum level for maximum efficiency.

Why choose NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:

  •       In-depth knowledge of the importance of refrigeration system that plays in the day-to-day
    business operations
  •       Committed to listening and responding to customer’s needs
  •       Comprehensive range of in-house technical expertise
  •       Timely and responsive attendance to the clients’ needs

NKS Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services include:

The team at NKS is also adept at providing 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service. As they believe that Refrigeration can be an absolute necessity in many industries without which operations might come to a complete standstill. There can be serious loss of products and wastage is inevitable. This in turn can spoil the reputation of the brand, not to mention the heavy financial losses that might occur. The team of highly experienced technicians are always alert with their modern vehicles equipped with used spare parts and refrigerants that can be useful in any breakdown situation.

Preventative Maintenance – Regular maintenance is the key to the smooth running of any commercial refrigeration system, irrespective of the size. This minimizes the risk to your business operations and bottom line. As per your specific needs a maintenance program can be developed to ensure your equipment runs at its peak performance.

Maintenance Service & Scheduled Servicing – Working along with a convenient time slot as required by the client, their proactive maintenance service agreement programs are designed to prevent unexpected failures and to extend the life of refrigeration equipment which in turn helps in reducing unexpected maintenance costs.

Compressor Overhauls – The compressor being the heart of any refrigeration system, the efficient team at NKS have the experience and facilities to overhaul and rebuild the machine as per manufacturer’s specifications, regardless of the equipment’s make or model.