Youth for human rights

Why There Is A Need Of Raising Voice By Youth For Human Rights?

Human rights! What are human rights? Well, in very simple words human rights are basic rights that every human walking the earth deserves. From the very moment, one is born till the day one dies, human rights should be given to them, regardless of who they are, from where they are how they live their life. In simple words, human rights can be gathered up in a few words; equality, independence, dignity, fairness, and respect. Many have been fighting relentlessly for years to bring awareness of human rights. However, now is the right time to secure a place in the world stage for youth for human rights.

Why human rights are important?

Well, look around and one might notice many injustices happening in and around various circles of society. This includes inequality, disrespect towards certain people, repression, and mistreatment.

All this can stop only when there is proper awareness of human rights among all. Every single person should know what their basic rights are and should know how and when to put their foot down.

Having legible human rights means one can lead a better life, as they will:

  • Have the freedom to lead their life without repression.
  • Have the right to get a proper education.
  • Have the right to stand against any mistreatment.
  • Have the freedom to state their opinions.
  • Have the right to lead a life of privacy.

Youth for human rights

Youth and fight for human rights

Human right is a topic that requires a certain amount of stronger lay out. This is not just for the older generation to understand and accept but is also crucial for the younger generation to take part. The youth needs to be vocal about these movements and be an active part of it. There is an immense requirement for platforms that bring forward youth for human rights awareness.

Why? Well, it is because many statisticians and leaders have pointed out that todayyouth is suffering in many throes of their life. They have unstable employment environment, have societal structural barriers, younger women tend to face health and sexual violence, etc. And not only have this but the young generation also tended to face a problem where they are themselves treated as the problem. Thus, one can say that there is a major requirement for a need to change the way the older generation think of younger ones.

Thereby, the youth need to stand and be vocal about the human rights issues at hand. This will then help in shrinking the barriers of society. Their arguments should be moving, forward, innovative, and inclusive by all means.

Final words

Human rights is a big topic but is a quintessential one as well. The younger generation must be well aware of their rights in every circle of their life. Youth can take the parade forward by creating awareness and by using the new age media to their advantage and reach more youth every day.

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