Palmitoylethanolamide: Benefits And Dosage 

It was discovered in the late 1950s, but its consumption and importance have grown in the recent past. The palmitoylethanolamide is a fatty molecule use to cure inflammation and other neurological issues. It posses analgesic properties because of which its consumption is done. PEA is produced in a living body when it is hurt, bleeding, or anything similar to it. After so many years of research and discovery, bio-scientists found a chemical method to manufacture it commercially. It is used in pain killers and anti-inflationary medicines. You can also consume it through external sources like egg, milk, and peanuts.

PEA benefits

  • Fight against Lou Gehrig Disease is a life-taking disease. It starts with motor neuron degeneration and has potentially can lead to paralysis. Doctors say that if the patient consumes PEA with riluzole, it can improve the patient’s conditions.
  • Most beneficiaries against Carpel Tumble Syndrome, in this syndrome, your whole hand except the small finger,are affected. The patient will experience tingling and numbness in his arm. But during this syndrome, if the patient consumes PEA, it could be a life-saving act.


Its consumption in a day is still under doubt; scientists and researchers are working on it. Usually, its intake should not be more than 300-400mg per day. But they are consuming it through some supplement, and then it should not be more than 500mg per day.

Overall consumption should not exceed more than two months. But for an experience and your perfect procurement, and treatment, you should take dosage according to your doctor. Your particular doctor can prescribe you a better dosage according to your disease, age, and other externalities.

Is consumption of PEA is safe?

Its consumption is safe. This compound contains analgesic properties which are not bad for health. It proved effective in various diseases. Its advantageous behavior is overlapping its side effects. Well, till today, no major cases of its harm have been reported yet. However, patients are advised that its procurement should not be more than three months. After three months, it may start harming you, and you’re your body. Excess procurement may cause stomach infection or stomach aches.

Its procurement should not be consulted to pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers, or small kids. It is a highly effective medicine. In recent days its consumption was in a surge in the market. Doctors and other patients also said that it had shown its effectiveness.

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