Sales Outlets In Montana For Luxury Homes

Sales Outlets In Montana For Luxury Homes

Montana is a great state for luxury homes. It has the kind of postcard beauty that the rich and the famous can trust blindly. It seems to have everything: Great locations, First Class accommodations, Outstanding Amenities and friendly service. Since luxury homes here are in Clusters, the availability of trained staff, to man these luxury homes, is not a problem. Generally, each luxury property is within 10-50 acres, with continuous availability of water and plenty of wildlife (such as, Mule Deer, Elk and the occasional Bear), and the houses are well designed to be large and luxurious, with the latest amenities and priced above Half a million Dollars. Not just photography, skiing, hiking and hunting, but world class fishing is also available here. Places like the renowned West Fork of the Bitterroot River, are known world-wide for the wonderful fishing offered. The beautiful properties offer extraordinary mountain and meadow views in park-like settings. These Montana luxury property for sale have been specially designed to provide maximum satisfaction for well-healed Clients.

Montana luxury property for sale

Housing Sales In Montana

Finding the right kind of housing in Montana is not too difficult. A system of local PHAs (Public Housing Agency) ensure that even a newcomer can be assisted to select the home the Buyer is looking for. Buyers are allowed to enlist in multiple PHAs, since the waiting list at each is often quite long. However, in the case of luxury homes, it is best to choose from a list of agencies that specialize in only luxury homes. Luxury homes in Montana are in a special position, in that the State gives both the Buyers and the Sellers some additional tax discounts and advantages.

Selling Luxury In Montana

The most expensive Montana Luxury Homes For Sale is a property that sits on a 24 acre island on Flathead Lake atop a solid granite foundation. It was originally launched for sale at US$78 million. Since then it has been discounted to US$59.5 million, and it is still the most expensive in the State. This house has just 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in the main house. At 32,000 square feet, it is also currently the largest private home for sale in Montana. The house has a whole set of extras, such as, a Guest House which has 2 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It also has an Indoor Shooting Range, a Gym, a Heated Boat Stall, 3 additional outside Docking Systems, a Sporting Clay Court etc. This single example demonstrates the luxury homes for sale in Montana. The sheer density of these Montana luxury homes makes it worth the while of the Sales Specialists of Montana, to join hands to create stable prices and high demand for such homes in Montana.

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