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Photographs can seal or break the property deal

The first batches of participants have already received the COVID19 vaccine in the UK. And this has injected a new life into the already thriving real estate sector. The stamp duty holiday ends on March 31, but the industry is expected to continue witnessing growth beyond the deadline. Homeowners in several cities have already begun working on improving their property’s appearance so that they can approach The Property Buying Company.

The realty sector has moved online

Several studies have pointed out that people prefer browsing property pictures and taking a virtual tour of the house before making a plan to visit the same. And this is where good photos of the property play a key role. Photographs can improve the chances of a sale by increasing the number of daily inquiries you receive. Remember, more queries mean more chances of getting the best price.

Images with dingy and dark lighting and low angles can ruin the house’s chances of generating interest. Some property owners even list their homes for sale without any pictures. This creates a negative impact on prospects; they do not take such listings seriously.

The Property Buying

It’s shocking that even portals like Zoopla and Rightmove are full of such property advertisements. These portals accept ads only through property dealers. So, the question is how did estate agents approve such ads riddled with inadequate or no pictures and post them on the website?

No matter if you are working with a high-street agent, an online one, or are posting ads yourself, putting professional property pictures is crucial if you are serious about selling your house.

Even if your dealer has taken the responsibility of clicking pictures, it is advisable to check them for quality. If agents are not too keen on taking photographs, they probably have no idea how houses are sold during the current pandemic.

Hire a specialist for clicking pictures

If you are not too good at clicking pics, you should consider hiring a professional photographer for the task. They also assist in ensuring your floor plan looks good in your ads. Spending around £85 on pictures is not a bad deal as the chances of selling the house also increase. Floorplans help potential buyers understand how your property is laid out. Most high-street agents consider floorplans as a crucial element in the online ad. Such pictures help save sellers and buyers’ time as there won’t be any inquiries from people who do not love the house’s floorplan. You may also need the same while approaching The Property Buying Company.

Not just for selling the house, but some landlords also use professional photography to find the best possible tenants for the home.

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