Invest in SEO or SEM PPC (Google Ads)? Find Out How to Make the Best Choice!

Gaining traffic is the main objective when investing in optimization for SEO web positioning in search engines such as Google or when launching a PPC-based SEM search engine advertising campaign such as Google Ads.

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Although both ways lead to gain visibility of the company in web search engines, the scenario to choose between SEO or SEM is totally different. So SEO or SEM? How to make the best choice?

This post will help you to understand when to invest in SEO or SEM depending on the circumstances of your website.

Some ingredients are needed to ensure that your investment in an advertising campaign with Google Ads (SEM PPC) gives you the expected results, and this requires experience and professional techniques.

As for SEO, when it is done with passion and follows the rules that search engines dictate, it can be cheaper and more effective than SEM PPC, but it requires much more time and effort. So how do you solve this dilemma?

Since as web consultants, SEO and SEM, we assist you on which techniques to use to make your website shine on Google and attract your target audience!

Whether you are looking for an SEO and web positioning agency  or your balance leans towards an advertising management company in Google Ads.

SEO Scaling Search Engine Positions (Google)

Fortunately, the rules of the game are clearer than ever and, if we follow the parameters of Google and other search engines, good results can be achieved.

However, as life is not so simple and SEO is not a sea of ​​happiness, you also have to evaluate the cons when it comes to generating organic traffic.

Of course, investing in SEO ensures you to improve your organic traffic, which is not free. Consult “SEO Company in Dubai to get best advice about investing in SEO to improve your organic traffic or you can visit “SEO Specialist” for it.

But the million dollar question is whether this is achieved in the short, medium or long term, and how long can the company afford to wait until receiving those potential customers on your website.

SEO ensures you to improve your organic traffic but, before investing in it, you must define your objectives and evaluate how long it takes and if you can wait until you get results.

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But, if you can’t afford to wait to reap the benefits of the SEO campaign, which can sometimes be up to 12 months, contemplating investing in a fierce and intense advertising campaign with Google Ads will help you to gain visibility in record time.

SEO Advantages

SEO is the starting point for any web page that wants to climb search engine rankings, like Google. SEO web optimization can be an art and I won’t lie, although you can find out how to do free SEO yourself, it takes a lot of time and dedication.

The SEO strategy is highly beneficial for content marketing and inbound marketing, as it helps to position the blog posts on Google.

It is also useful for other web search engines, which opens up a wide range of possibilities, which include from the top of the SERP (search engine results page), social platforms and even external linking (backlink).

Another point in favor of SEO is that if you don’t want to invest large amounts of money in it then you can do it!

In other words, you can do SEO yourself on your website, as long as you worry about acquiring knowledge about it, writing good web content and being at the forefront of updates in this field.

And if all this is not enough, it must be said that SEO gives authority to your brand, because by uploading informative content you can make it appear on the web when someone requests something associated with your niche.

 And that is not the case with advertising campaigns. SEM PPC.

Disadvantages of SEO

Now, it all sounds like a thousand wonders, but there are also negative points in terms of SEO; especially if you want immediate results.

If you are desperate, want organic traffic urgently, and start selling now, SEO is not your escape route.

Also, if you are not very knowledgeable in Google algorithms, some basic programming knowledge and in the subject of link building (Link building), the SEO of your website could be like a hungry lion: difficult to master.

Either it is white or it is black, and its performance is measured based on these two options. While gray tones are possible in SEO, and this is not always good for ROI, bounce rate, conversion funnel and many other important metrics for a good ranking before the search engines.

You Are At Risk Of Being Penalized

Google sanctions are just around the corner; If you didn’t know, the search engine giant has created some algorithms to detect every technique or attempt of Black Hat SEO.

These Google algorithms are just like the Avengers, and you won’t get away unscathed!

Therefore, be very careful and cunning and learn from White Hat SEO: how to position yourself in the search engines without bad practices.

Nothing Guarantees You Appear Among The First In Google

When I speak of “first places” I mean to appear in the first places of this, that is, on the first page.

Someone asked around what was the best place to hide a corpse, and the answer was that on the second page of Google results; Yes, because no one goes beyond the first page!

Although good, continuous and ethical SEO is essential for a high ranking, nothing guarantees that you will appear on the first page of results, which would translate into low traffic and, therefore, low sales.

I repeat, if your focus is to increase sales, perhaps investing in SEO is not as effective in getting it quickly.

SEM/PPC: Paid Advertising On Web Search Engines (Google)

The PPC or Pay Per Click, “Pay per click” in English, is advertising pay in Web search engines, also called SEM by its acronym in English “Search Engine Marketing”, mainly Google.

The PPC or SEM is an efficient way to get presence and immediate visibility on Google, to start getting traffic on your website and achieve the first sales urgently.

Because, like your company, others also want their ads to appear when a user searches for a certain service or product in the web search engine, the price system for these ads is that of bid strategies in Google Ads.

It is the one who offers the most money to the web search engine (for example Google), pay for each click that your ad gets, above it will appear in the area reserved for search engine advertising.

Therefore, this means that the price of each advertising campaign in Google varies according to the volume of searches that exist and its level of competitiveness.

Advantages Of SEM PPC

Based on my experience launching SEM PPC campaigns, I think that one of the biggest advantages of applying this type of advertising in web search engines is that SEM PPC strategies are tailored to the needs of each company and allow them to get traffic from the beginning.

SEM PPC advertising campaigns in web search engines focus on keywords with real purchase intention by users.

Then deciding to invest in SEM PPC, Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) is perhaps the star platform for this type of advertising.

So the options and the ways to invest in this type of advertising are diverse. If you want to know more, in other articles I did an extensive analysis of marketing and advertising on Facebook and gave you reasons to advertise on Facebook.

Disadvantages Of SEM PPC

The main disadvantage of SEM PPC is clear: it can be very expensive to the point where perhaps some companies see they lose more money with this type of advertising investment than the benefits they obtain from sales achieved with this type of advertising.

As for ROI or return on investment, simply this and “short-sighted”: the more you invest in PPC SEM so wise, the more you win.

The ROI is low and is calculated in the short term not the long term as it is the case when you invest in SEO.

Conclusion: Together, SEO And SEM PPC Are The Perfect Weapon Of Your Marketing!

There is a lot to be said when it comes to establishing techniques for an efficient internet marketing campaign, but the reality is that the two best known and most used ways are through SEO or investing in SEM PPC.

Putting both strategies to work is better than choosing one or the other, although I am one of those who thinks that before investing in pay per click SEM PPC, every website should shine in terms of SEO optimization.