A Comprehensive Overview of Silk robes for Women

women's silk robes

Robes are one of most popular garments that have been part of the dressing or apparels from centuries. Many countries have them as part of their culture. For instance the Chinese have the robes as part of their ancient culture from centuries, the famous dragon robe from the Qing dynasty. Similarly, the everyday robes that are worn by Monks. Nowadays, robes are part of many ceremonies and professions. Robes have been famous with women from past few decades for their comfort and style. They come in many fabrics but women silk robe is the most famous one.

What are Silk Robes?

Silk robes are a type of outer coat with sleeves and usually are available in thigh length or ankle-length. The design of the robe is plenty in variations. The silk fabric makes them really comfortable to wear and also gives them a luxurious appeal. The smooth texture of a silk fabric is also preferred as it is hypo-allergenic. 

What is hypo-allergenic?

Any material that is rare to induce an allergic reaction is said to be hypo-allergenic in nature. It is generally implied as a descriptive for cosmetics or fabrics.

women's silk robes

Are these worth the cost?

Usually, a good quality women’s silk robe is quite pricey but due to its long lasting nature of the fabric, the price is worth investing. These can be preserved for a very long time without damaging the cloth and following the instructions for the wash.

Precautions to be taken to wash a Silk Robe

It is advisable to always go with the manufacturer’s instructions for washing them. Do not use bleaching these robes. Try to hand wash them, if not wash them using the lowest cycle on the washing machine. Do not store them in Plastic garment covers for too long as it might affect the colorization of the fabric. Use a mild detergent for washing them or simply give them for dry cleaning if you can. Try to steam iron most of the time, if you need to use a flat iron, it is advisable to put a cloth over the silk robe and then press it.

When to wear Silk robes 

Brides can wear them gorgeously and they drape any size beautifully and make you feel great during the whole pre and post wedding preparations. They are also great loungewear for any women irrespective of the size. Many bridal wear silk robes are customized for their bridesmaids, and other closed ones.


All in all, if you are looking for an everyday robe or a robe for a special occasion, silk robes are definitely worth your time and money. You can buy these from any online or offline stores which offer good quality silk robes for women.