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Finding the Right Face Masks Online

Face mask are the most important measure against the COVID-19. And N-95 masks are mainly required by the frontline healthcare associates providing the treatment to their patients that have tested for novel coronavirus. The surgical face mask will be required when you step out of your house for the grocery shopping and more. You can also look at printed face mask that come in single-use masks, which have to be discarded daily. The face masks also can be made at your home. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has recently uploaded the video that features the guide to make your own face masks at your home. Suppose you aren’t suffering from any kind of medical conditions and don’t have any breathing difficulties, you can use the homemade reusable cover, mainly when you go out of the house and help to protect community at whole.

Essential qualities for the effective face mask

Suppose you need to suddenly go out and do not have any face mask at your home, making one on your own is the best thing you can do. Other option is you can find some of the most stylish masks like Elephant Face Masks on internet. Here are a few essential qualities you have to take care when making the mask at your home:

Fabric of a face mask

It has to be very high thread cotton fabric. Having the cotton fabric is very important since it makes your mask breathable. High thread count will act as the filter for the particles. The mask won’t offer very effective protection as N-95 mask, however, it is effective and strong tool, particularly in the combination with some other distancing measures such as keeping at the six feet distance & regular hand washing.

Elephant Face Masks

Add extra filter

You may add an extra filter to the face mask by using the coffee filter, reusable grocery bags, paper towel, and more. Ensure that filter that you use will be breathable.

Ensure that masks fit you

These masks must fit you in a right way. These masks must have the snug fit from the nose across the cheeks, back to ears as well as under the chin. This type of fit can keep you well protected from outside air if possible. Your face masks must cover the nose, cheeks & chin.

Never touch your mask when outside

When you go out, ensure you do not touch your mask. Outside surface of your mask, when you step out, will be mostly contaminated. You have to breathe comfortably with you mask on. Slipping this down under the nose is useless.

Offers ease of use

The masks with elastic band are simple to use. But, for a few people, the masks are very tight and cause irritation in the ears.

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