Ring Qualities: Here’s How You Distinguish A Diamond’s Quality

diamond engagement rings for women

    Details matter when it comes to an engagement ring. Choosing “the ring” at is one of the critical decisions you will ever make. The choice you make should reflect the personal style of your fiancée and commitment to one another. Even though there are innumerable options, learning more about them can help you make a choice. Start by familiarizing yourself with the core features of the engagement ring. That will make picking the right ring at the right price easier. Here is a guide to the most critical diamond qualities to be searched for when buying a commitment ring:

  • Your Diamond’s Carat Weight: Carat Weight is the most objective of all 4C’s. A measured optical magnitude measures the carat weight of a diamond. Since bigger diamonds are usually worth more than smaller ones, the carat weight is often correlated with a diamond’s quality and value. Diamond fractional carat weight delineations, such as one-quarter, one-half, one, etc., may be familiar to you, but carat weight is generally better expressed using decimals. A diamond marked in the store by one carat may have a carat weight of 0.89, a rounding practice commonly used in retail stores to make a piece’s value appear higher.
  • Your Diamond’s Color Quality: Your diamond’s color quality can have a significant effect on its value. The perfect diamond is colorless, and every hint of color makes an enormous difference in your diamond’s quality. When you step down the color scale, yellow or brown tinges appear in the diamonds, and the colored tint reduces the diamond’s beauty and consistency. There is, however, one exception to this rule. Whether the color is being considered to be a ‘fancy hue,’ like a canary yellow or the pinnacle in rarity, a red diamond, the hue does not lower the value of the diamond. Indeed, these colors can contribute to a substantial increase in a diamond’s price.

diamond engagement rings for women

  • Your Diamond’s Clarity Value: Your diamond’s clearness value is another essential factor to consider. Simultaneously, low quality of clarity may have inclusions that can be seen by the unassisted eye and may also have chips or other aberrations on the surface. Characteristics of diamond clarity are measured when the diamond is analyzed below 10x magnification.
  • Your Diamond’s Cut Quality: The cut quality of the diamond is aesthetically significant. A well-cut diamond is being built to dazzle, as each angle and facet of the diamond blends beautifully with light. The cut quality is relatively objective for round diamonds, but assessing the cut quality of fancy shape stones (any shape other than a round) is a bit more subjective. Keep in mind that a well-cut diamond has more life and sparkle than a more mediocre standard of cut.


            There are many diamond engagement rings for women, but it can be quite a struggle to find the best. The guide above will help you get a gist of the best possible choices you can have to find the best fit!