What Is the Best Type of File Opener? Guide to Opening All File Types

What Is the Best Type of File Opener? Guide to Opening All File Types

Are you someone who opens all sorts of files? Are you wondering what the best file opener is that can open all kinds of file types?

Interestingly, there are hundreds of file types and file extensions you may encounter. And because there are so many of them, you may not even distinguish one from another. This is most true when you’re in the middle of work and opening all sorts of files left and right.

Sometimes, there are instances when you couldn’t open certain files. Hence, you need to use a dependable file capable of opening different types of files. But what exactly are they?

Continue reading below and check out our guide to finding the best file opener.

File Viewer Plus 2: Universal File Opener

If you are looking for a file opener that offers top-notch flexibility, the File Viewer Plus 2 is one of your best bets. For starters, it is capable of opening over 300 different types of file formats. These include texts, spreadsheets, and presentations.

It can also open emails, audios, videos, PDFs, webs, and source codes. But apart from opening files, you can use File Viewer Plus 2 for editing. Use this opener to edit your spreadsheets, texts, and image files.

It features editing options that allow you to adjust colors; place borders; crop images. You can even add quick effects if you wish.

Furthermore, it is a batch file converter. You can use it to extract certain files like TAZ, 7Z, ZIP, and RAR. And if you want to quickly open RAR files on Mac, this is one of the best ways to do it.

If there is a downside to the File Viewer Plus 2, it’s that it isn’t available for free.

Free Opener

In case you want something that doesn’t cost you anything, the Free Opener is a great option to consider. But more than being free of any price tags, this opener excels in the usability department. It features a simple interface that is easy to understand.

After launching the Free Opener, all you need is to pick the file that you want to open and let the former do its magic. If most of the files you are dealing with are the basics, then this opener is enough to meet your requirements.

Free Opener can open most of the standard and basic files that you have. These include documents, image files, and audio and video content. The same thing goes for MPG, MOV, FLV, code files, image files, and Microsoft files.

Compared to the File Viewer Plus 2, Free Opener can only take on a little over 80 file formats. Nevertheless, it is a viable option if you’re only dealing with basic files.

Open Freely

Another great option for Windows users is Open Freely. As the name implies, it is free. And because it won’t cost you anything, its coverage is not as extensive as that of the File Viewer Plus 2.

Like Free Opener, this software covers all standard file formats. It also features easy installation. It also doesn’t require any third-party software installations.

Some of the standard file formats you can open with Open Freely include JPG, MP3, DOC, MKV, and BMP. Additionally, you can use it to extract and edit files.

File Viewer Lite

If the File Viewer 2 Plus is too overwhelming for your taste, the File Viewer Lite is a worthy alternative. Take note that this is only a file viewer. Nevertheless, it can support over 150 different file formats.

You can open different file types such as web, audio, video, and document. It also works on spreadsheets, presentations, and camera raw files.

Furthermore, it comes with a File Identifier. This tool helps you identify unknown file types that you may encounter.

Universal Viewer

This file opener can open most file formats. Its coverage is not as extensive as the File Viewer Plus 2’s, but it isn’t as limited as that of Open Freely. If you can classify it, you can say that the Universal Viewer is something in-between.

But if you’re wondering what makes this file opener stand out, it is the different types of viewing modes it offers. You can perform a word wrap or flip and rotate any way you want. You can also encode your text or apply grayscale or sepia treatments to your images.

Also, it comes with file display customization, hotkeys, and an extensive user interface.


Sometimes, the file that you are trying to open may come with a strange extension. During such instances, FILExt becomes your best friend.

Technically, FILExt is not a file converter or file viewer. Instead, it is a database for programs and file extensions. To get more details about a dubious file extension, simply type its name on the search box. FILExt will send the information in a matter of seconds.

Ultra File Opener

Last but not least is the Ultra File Opener. As the name implies, this opener packs an ultra-punch. In terms of coverage, it supports over 500 different file formats. You can also use it on your 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms.

This covers Windows XP, Windows 10, and everything else in-between.

Though you need to pay $30 to enjoy the software, the investment will all be worth it. For starters, the Ultra File Opener supports image, text, audio, and video file formats. You can also extract archive files and convert file formats.

Furthermore, it comes with a download manager. Moreover, you can use its broad print settings for your text and images.

However, it comes with a minor downside. The Ultra File Opener cannot open PDF, web, presentation files, and spreadsheets. Nevertheless, all its other features more than compensate for this.

Use Only the Best Software

Finding the best file opener that meets your requirements will do you wonders. You can save more time opening files and accomplish more tasks faster. But a file opener is only one of the many types of software that can help you become more productive.

We invite you to expand your software knowledge by checking our other articles. We discuss different tools and provide tips that will help you find the best options possible.