Be Prepared When Buying a Used Car

Buying a Used Car

When you decide it’s time to sell your used car, there are a number of strategies that can help you do it successfully. Most people will sell their used car either because they are getting a modern style of used car, or even a new car, or because the car is starting to need a lot of repairs that are no longer worth it. Regardless of the reason for the sale of your car, you should start the project with a consultation with Kelley Blue Book. This will give you a pretty good idea of ​​the value of your car.

If the used cars in Austin are more than four years old, it is better to sell it yourself. While you can find a dealer to buy them, they will likely give you only a quarter of their book value as they plan to sell it themselves. Such an old car likely won’t qualify for a loan either. Assuming the car isn’t an absolute disaster, you need to make the asking price somewhat higher than you actually want, and this will give you some room to maneuver with the buyer. It is impossible for prices to go up during negotiations, but it is easy to go down.

Before you start advertising your used car, take some time to set it up. Any mechanical problems must be fixed and the tires must be made sure that they are in fairly good condition. The interior of the car must be cleaned and vacuumed. Clean the trunk of the car and repair any minor faults in the car. Wash and wax the car, the first impression is very important, if your car looks shiny and clean, it will be easier to find the buyer.

Buying a Used Car

You will simplify the process of selling your used car if you have all the relevant paperwork ready. Make sure you have the address and all service records handy. It would be a good idea to make copies of the service records for you. The buyer will want to know what kind of mileage you get and will definitely check the odometer to see how many miles the car travels. All of this will affect what the buyer is willing to pay for their used car.

When you go to sell your used car, you can advertise in the local newspaper classifieds. There are often billboards in libraries or grocery stores where you can post a description of your vehicle. Word of mouth can also help, such as marking and parking your car close to the road.

Often times, a potential buyer of a used car will offer less than what you ask for. If you make your price higher than you really wanted, you can go lower towards what you offered. If an offer is ridiculously low, don’t commit, just refuse to sell. Once the price is agreed, do not accept payment with a personal check unless you know the person buying the used car well. You should always keep the cash, money order, or blank check. Once the vehicle is sold, contact your auto insurance company and tell them to remove the vehicle from your policy.