Things to help you identify when buying used cars

When you are looking for a trouble-free used car. There is no luck that you can use to find one. You better know how to determine a used vehicle you need to have. For you to save from having expensive problems on the road. You can follow this advice to help you in looking for the best value. And you can buy your used cars in el cajon.

Inspect the car carefully

You better always look at the car carefully and have a mechanic check the car for you. Better wear clothes that you don’t care to be dirty and have a look at the car. It is advisable to check the car in daylight to see clearly. When you use a flashlight it might look shiny and it will hide all the defects of the car which you don’t like. The car must be in a level place and it must not have been used before the inspection.


Body condition

You need to check the roof and every panel check for any dents, rust, and scratches. Look out for any misaligned panels or any large gaps. Which can lead to misassembled during the repair. Its paint color needs to be the same in everybody’s panel.


Check it thoroughly to ensure that there are no cracks or any pocked area. When you see a small crack that may not cause that much but you need to open it up during negotiations. Although having a cracked windshield will be a lot worse and it will be in great repair.


Try to walk around the car to see whether it is at a sitting level. You better push down on every corner to know that the shock absorbers are in great shape. The car only rebounded once but not bouncing up and down. You better grab each tire and tug it back and forth motion. When you hear the clunking sound. The wheels or suspension might be the problem.

Lenses and lights

Secure that all the light lenses and the reflectors are working. It should be whole and not cracked, missing, or fogged.


The inside of the car is necessary because mostly you will be spending more time inside the car.


After you have opened the door of the car better smell the interior. Check for any moldy, rusty smell that will show any water leaks. Get all the floor mats and check for any wet area in the carpet. When you smell acrid the previous owner of the car is a smoker. Smoke and mold are the hardest things to get rid of.


You need to try all the seats in the car. The upholstery should not be destroyed when the car is in low mileage. Try the adjustments to consider it is working fine. You will feel that it is a good position in driving because you are comfortable.


When you see that the rubber on the clutch, brake, and gas pedals shows that it is used. A car that has low miles should not have too much wear on the pedals. The pedal rubber that is worn out shows that the car has been used pretty mostly.


You better look at the roof trim and headliner for any stains to confirm whether the water is leaking. Also, look at the sunroof whether it is closed correctly and the seals are good.


You need to use your nose and your eyes while checking the trunk. Try to search for any signs of a water leak and see whether the carpets are wet and smelly.