By adding cold air to your Cummins motor, what differences can you expect? Increased performance, energy-saving, energy-saving and envy! Let’s highlight the four key reasons to upgrade to the aftermarket for cold air supply.

An aggressive sound makes the Cummins engine beast more aggressive and increased, a roaring super beast. Who won’t hear the rumbling throat of the gas? Good CAI is going to make the RAM truck more stunning.

AFe Power FORCE 51-11342-1 is best for an aggressive sound

The Cummins engine will receive 5-20 hp by installing a cold air intake system. The intake system installed in the factory is intended to produce minimum and high power levels acceptable. Their factor is always cost. Here and there makes Mr./Mrs saves a little money. Power Manager for better performance a happier person.

Power Increase in best cold air intake: stage 2 Pro-5R

Fuel economy – fuel mileage improvements can be very significant with gas prices, particularly diesel. Slight improvements in MPG can also contribute to the installation of a single cold air intake system. It will increase fuel savings if your diesel breathes better.

AFE Stage 2 Pro-5R: best fuel-efficient air intake

Less maintenance – filters with cold air intake systems can better protect harmful particles from entering the motor but are more durable and can often be reused. It is recommended that 50,000–100,000 miles be cleaned/replaced. This is the best intake of 5.9 Cummins Cold Air.

K&N 57-1532

The K&N 57-1532 is an excellent production system. This dyno-tested intake of cold air guarantees hours of power by providing 50 percent better airflow than the plant-based stock system with its sizeable conical filter and high-density polyethylene tube. The cross-linking tube intake of nylon helps keep air temperatures cooler than metal tubes and improve engine efficiency.

No maintenance is needed for up to 100,000 miles for 57-1532 CAI and installs in fewer than one hour with the essential hand tools. If K&N is the official air filter for NASCAR, you can rely on your truck to make your product look superb. For more about the best Cold Air Intake for 5.9 Cummins go to


The aFe Stage 2 is one of the leading input systems for cold air. It adds not only horsepower to your 5.9L engine, and it completely screams your turbo.

It is reported that the flow of air through high-temperature silicone joints is increased by an extra high of 105%, quality from start to finish. Filter efficiency is 98,6%, providing a high level of protection from damaging particles entering the motor. It fits perfectly and quickly.