Concrete Floor Patch Repair- Explained

The concrete floor patch can be repaired by covering the concrete slab with a new layer of concrete topping and get the desired layer after finishing the coating. There are mainly two types of concrete repair mortars- cement and epoxy. Both of them are accessible as ready to mix and offer smooth finishing with strong adhesion. ARDEX provides exact repair solutions as per your need, and they provide eminent product quality by accurate testing to stand on industry standards.

Products in Concrete floor patch repair

  • ARDEX BG 100 GP- it has special additives used to minimize the demand for water with improvising flowability of grout. It has the following features
  1. Void filling
  2. Concrete repairs
  3. Handrail fixing
  4. Bridge bearing
  5. Concrete anchors
  6. Pressure grouting
  7. Precast wall panels, columns, beams
  • ARDEX BR 480 is ready to use polymer repair mortar for concrete repair structures and can be applied in overhead and vertical applications with lesser difficulty. It has the following features:
  1. Very low & solvent-free emissions
  2. Filling of blowholes, honeycombs, tie bar holes
  3. Re-instatement of concrete
  4. Re-surfacing walls before applying tiles
  5. Repair of cracks, spalled

  • PAVIDUR is a mortar based on alkaline phosphate and other additives that, when blended with water, react chemically to design mortar with brilliant properties acting as a durable agglutinating agent. Its features are as follows:
  1. Very high resistance
  2. fluid consistency
  3. for flooring without shrinkage
  4. used in urgent repairs of passage
  • ARDEX RA 54- is specially designed for floor application in industries that receive heavy-duty vehicle traffic. It is used to pad construction saw joints or interior control joints on horizontal surfaces of concrete. It has the following features:
  1. Used in heavy-duty traffic vehicles
  2. It fills interior control joints
  3. Rapid cure
  • ARDEX BG 90 EG- It is solvent-free, 100% solid chemical resistant grout. Its features are:
  1. No shrinkage
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. Versatile
  4. Fast cure
  • ARDEX RA 140 E- used to repair honeycomb, cracks in concrete, and voids have low viscosity injection grout. It has more mechanical strength than concrete and brings back full strength. Its features are:
  1. Easy to penetrate and has very low viscosity
  2. For repair and filling of voids and cracks
  3. Its compressive strength is very high
  4. High flexible strength

To know more about concrete floor patch repair, feel free to do your research.