Metal Mesh Fence

How to pick the right wire fence suitable for you

So you’ve decided to put money into a garden fence. Congratulations, you’ve made a decision that will benefit you and your family for many years! Metal fencing is the best option because it is affordable and long-lasting, but you’ll quickly realize that there are many different factors to consider when getting a fence that works for you and your family. Keep these considerations in mind if you’ve decided that a metal mesh fence is right for you!

What is the best type of wire?

The type of wire you use will determine how long your fence will last. There are many different types of yarns to choose from in the world of fencing. If you want a durable metal mesh fence extremely, our fence contractor always recommends vinyl and stainless steel fencing, especially in a city like Chicago with such extreme weather conditions. There are many types of welded wire fencing, including pre-welded galvanized (GBW) fencing made from strands of galvanized wire welded together.

GAW fences, synonymous with post-weld galvanizing, are made by dipping previously welded mesh in a molten zinc bath. Vinyl fences are of galvanized wire mesh that has to galvanize before or after it has been electro-welded. Finally, we have stainless steel welded mesh available.

 Metal Mesh Fence

What is the best gauge?

To know the thickness of the wire by the gauge number. The thicker strands have a lower gauge and are ideal for building a long-lasting fence. Animals find it more crucial to chewing on thicker wicks.

Mesh openings:

What size should mesh openings be? Our fencing contractor can advise you on the best size for your property. We recommend opening the smaller shirt if you want to keep small animals away.

Fence height:

Finally, the length of your enclosure influences its use. Then we recommend adjusting the size of your fence accordingly. Realize this you should start by putting up a metal fence if you have a dog. It is high enough it is not tempted for the dog to jump higher and higher.

If you prefer to use metal poles, drive them into the ground about 8 feet apart with a hammer or stake. Hang the net from a post’s hooks and pull it over the other posts in the same manner. Keep the net taut until you’re finished. While using metal posts is unquestionably faster and easier than using wooden T-posts, the fence is unlikely to be as stable.

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