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Most Awaited Event: Toy Exhibition Hong Kong 2021

Every year, a grand event is hosted in Hong Kong. However, with the pandemic dawning upon humankind, the event had to be held considering safety measures. It is the biggest hong kong toy fair. many companies across the world come to this event and put their latest innovations on display. It is a fun time of the year for children who come to the fair with their parents to spend some quality time. Also, it is a chance for innovators to attract their target audience who would eventually buy their creations in the future.

Safety measures are taken for Covid19 related threats

Toy exhibition Hong Kong, due to the number of people it attracts could easily become a hotspot for the spreading of the virus. Therefore, the officials have been put into a workforce to implement the following social distancing rules.

  • Masks will be provided at the entrance to every guest
  • Sanitization stations will be placed for the participants at each exhibit
  • Minimal interaction would be kept
  • All toy or products on display would be sanitized on a timely basis
  • The social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained at all junctures

Who can register for the event?

  1. The exhibitors

Any business in the toy industry can set up a booth at the exhibition. Small registration fees would be demanded in the application form online.

  1. The visitors

If one is interested in taking part in the exhibition as a visitor. Online registration is necessary. There is a small entrance fee.

Toy Exhibition

Can overseas visitors take part in the exhibition?

For those overseas visitors who cannot be a part of the exhibition. The committee has gone further by introducing a virtual Hong Kong toy fair for anyone unable to make it to the exhibition in person. The AI-powered set-up for the virtual platform is enabled for each exhibit. This will allow live chats and video calls for people to engage with. Only through few clicks, exhibitors can now directly interact with their virtual visitors. The virtual visitor can now pick timeslots to interact with and seek information about the exhibit. Following are some tools enabling a hearty interaction.

  • Product partner engaged 24×7
  • Access to all products at one platform
  • Virtual chatrooms and meetings
  • Real-time messaging is enabled.

Some visitors who have the right permit to enter the country can now enter the toy exhibition hong kong with approval. They will need to reach well in advance to complete all the quarantine formalities. Early bird registrations are also available that could help one fund their trip. Make sure to register before the deadline to participate in the fair.

This toy fair is one of the most awaited exhibitions. Even a pandemic cannot prevent it from happening. It is an opportunity for people to come together, celebrate and enjoy the festivities of great inventions. It is the perfect platform to connect with businesses, expand the current state and also exchange ideas.

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