What are the simple guidelines on how to plan an event?

What are the simple guidelines on how to plan an event

When you are panicking because your boss assigned you to make an event. And your company does not have any event team. You can have as they are good at it. You don’t have to worry about anything. There is also a guide on how to plan an event. Which you can learn from it.

Set goals and timeline

When you are planning an event which sometimes gets overwhelming. Before you get to that part you need to think about why you want to host it. Are you going to educate customers? Hiring new people? Something like that. You might also think that event is not the strongest aim for you. Once you are ready to plan an event you can increase your specific target.


Making your budget

It is the least desirable part of the event. But once you have the plan on how to pay for all the speakers, foods, and confetti. the events might get a little expensive. Need to distribute all your resources very well. You might also consider a few things about the event.

  • Amenities
  • Extra expenditures
  • Software needs
  • The size, venue, staffing, and shipping
  • Necessities like catering, decorations and more

After you know how much everything you can make a business case to know where the money is going.

Look for a venue

Once you are planning about a huge event you need to pick the place where you are going to host it. And if you are having a local event and a smaller group of people. Aside from that, you need to make a plan for the event. That is accessible to most customers, target audience, and leads.  After the location has been set you need to choose the time for the venue.

You need a list of the locations that you want to go to that are based on the popular event venues in that certain area. Referrals from others and local publications. You can schedule tours of the venues. You can have these questions once you meet the vendor.

  • How close it is to hotels?
  • How close is it to airports?
  • How many rooms are available for the event?
  • Is there any security policy?
  • What kind of amenities do they offer?

Make your marketing campaign

You need to plan out a vision for your event’s theme and make your marketing campaign to it. Your theme needs to be related to the goals that you make in the beginning. And the audience will follow.

You need to connect a lot of channels as your marketing team has their own disposal. Aside from content marketing, email marketing, advertisements, and social media marketing. You need to contact those who have RSVP to see if they can promote the event on social media platforms. You make sure that your marketing design is still related to the theme.