Why it is very important to disinfect your place?

Everyone should live in a neat and clean environment. But this can’t be achieved easily. You need to put effort in clearing the surfaces regularly. Cleaning the surfaces will remove the dust or dirt present on the surface of the substance like table, chair, desk, floor, walls and so on. But the micro organisms present on the surfaces are invisible. You can’t kill such microbes just by cleaning the surfaces with soap or detergent based products. You have to use some chemical based products for killing the microorganisms. This process of killing the microbes like bacteria, virus, fungus by using the chemical products is known as disinfection. The process of disinfection is usually done in hospitals or clinics. But due to the high spread of corona virus, the disinfection became prime important at any place. Some basic measures like disinfection would stop the spread of such infections to some extent. Disinfection process is very important in a place where there is huge gathering of people in a small space. A workspace is such place where many people work together in a small room. There is high risk of spread of infections easily from one person to other. So, disinfection for office is very crucial. Disinfecting the office regularly can’t be done and is almost impossible. You need to have some equipment and chemicals that are required for disinfecting the office. There comes a solution to this, and there is an option to hire a service for disinfection of your office regularly. As they are trained, the process is done more efficiently.

Chemical substances used for disinfection:

  • There are many chemical substances that are used for disinfection. You can choose any substance based on the advantages and disadvantages of the chemical. There is a particular contact period for every chemical. The contact period is the time required for killing the microbes when it comes to contact with the chemical.
  • Every chemical have some guidelines to be followed while using it. There are many safety measures to be followed by the person who is disinfecting the room to protect themselves from the side effects caused by the chemicals used in the disinfection.
  • There are many chemicals like alcohols, phenols, iodophors, accelerated hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting. These are used for surface cleaning and some are usedin disinfecting the air. And this process is important to be followed where is there high spread of air borne diseases.
  • Some chemicals may be toxic, inflammable, irritant to skin and eyes, corrosive, may be absorbed by the gloves. So, you should be careful while using the disinfecting chemical substances.


Hope you got an idea on the chemical substances that are used for disinfection.