How to launch my online course

Are you someone who wants to launch your online course? But finding it difficult to know how you can get started. Creating an online course can be a daunting task for so many people. Because you have to pay attention to every aspect. From choosing your niche to creating the to course content to doing all the marketing activities.

Everything needs your proper attention. You can not avoid even the simplest of things to make your course successful. But yes, if the work is done right, it is going to be worth it. In this blog, you will find everything you need to launch your online courses.

Steps to launch your online course

1- Choose your Niche

The first step while planning to launch your online course is to choose your Niche. Your niche should be something that you are passionate about. You have deep knowledge of that topic. Along with that you have a market where it is in demand. Choose the topic that you can teach well.

Talent + Passion + Market = Your Niche

You can do that only if you have in depth knowledge of that topic. And passion is something that will keep you going during the bad phase. So, choose your niche wisely.

2-  Choose your course format

Anything can be taught in the form of audio, video and PDF. You have to choose the format in which you will feel comfortable. Video lessons are quite engaging. But creating videos and editing them is a time consuming process. It requires lots of your time, efforts and energy. Written lessons are just opposite to the video lessons. As they require very less time and effort as compared to the video lessons.

So, make sure that you have a balance of visual, audio and practical methodologies. So that you learners can have a good learning experience. You can go for Spayee. It’s our personal favorite.

3- Start recording videos

After choosing the course format, start creating your course content. Use a high quality camera to record your videos. And a microphone is a must to avoid any disturbances in audio quality. You should have at least 70% of the content ready before launching your course.

If you don’t know how to edit the videos, then you can hire a professional video editor.

4- Build a strong email list

Having a strong email list can prove to be a boon for your online academy. As it can help you in selling your online course even before you have launched it. It also helps to build a strong relationship with your existing and potential leads. You mails land directly in the inbox of your leads. So it is a very personalised form of interaction.

You can also share the course teaser with your leads. Also don’t forget to give them the offers and discounts.

5- Create a strong sales page

Many course creators fail to sell their course and the reason is that they don’t have a converting sales page. A sales page gives you the opportunity to showcase your product to your potential buyers. You should highlight the points that make it different from the others. Also, give an appealing offer. So that your potential learners can not say NO to your course.

6- Launch your course

Finally after doing all the above mentioned things, you are ready to launch your online course. Choose the platform which provides 100% safety. So that nobody can misuse your course content. You can go for Spayee. It is an amazing course creating and selling platform. It is a white labelled platform. So you will not need to worry about the security issues.