CEM Exam and How It Stands Out

CEM Exams is an exam written by the University of Durham, and the exams are focused on some state schools and independent schools. The purpose of the examination is to test the student’s knowledge in certain subjects, and the exam is prepared in such a way that no student will get the upper hand over another student. It is set up in such a way to give all students a level playground.  Many of the students claim that the test is resistant to teaching, but it is still an effective way of testing the students’ knowledge. Many schools in the UK are already taking advantage of this examination, and it was formulated by the 11 plus exam papers.

In the reaming part of this write-up, you will learn more about the CEM Exams and how it stands out.

Purpose of the CEM Exams

The CEM exams came to being because some schools feel that the GL exam was somewhat too predictable because of how the examination is presented to the student. As a result of this, the student would find the GL Exam too easy to handle, and this may not make it a good test of knowledge since the students may even be given hints on what answer to choose in the GL Exams. This then led 11 plus exam papers to create the CEM Exams. The CEM Exam has gained a lot of ground over the years. It is now well recognized as one of the best exam types in the UK, with many institutions also opting for it, considering that it removes any lopsided settings obtained in GL Exams.

Subject areas covered

Just as the GL Exam focuses on some subject areas, the CEM Exam also has its specific focus. The CEM Exam covers several subject areas at 11 Plus level, and the subjects are highlighted below:

  • Vernal reasoning, which also includes reading comprehension
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

The CEM Exam does not have anything to do with English and mathematics, as is the case with GL Exam. The examination is divided into 2 papers, and you are required to spend nothing more than 45 minutes on each of the papers. While the subject areas in the GL Exam and CEM Exams may look slightly different, studies have revealed that the knowledge base of the verbal reasoning in CEM Exams can be useful for tackling the English language question in the GL Exam. So, the two of them are interwoven in a way.

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