All about colored contact lenses

The colored contact lenses are a option that within the optical sector plays a very important role because it is a widely used accessory, especially by the youngest and by fashion victims who love to play with their physical appearance by modifying and transforming it at  the speed of light.  An object also very useful for those who do not like the color of their eyes.

The world of white contacts lenses is vast.  There are many brands and proposals depending on the demand and also, of course, on problems related to vision that can solve small traumas or insecurities.  They are soft, neutral, cosmetic lenses, with a definition rim, and without prescription, which adapt easily to the eye.

If one wish to focus on colored lenses, one can be assured  without fear of being wrong that in all opticians they will have the possibility to choose between different types of contact lenses capable of providing different effects to the gaze.  Among them, opaque lenses – the most appropriate for those who have dark eyes and want to transform them into light shades such as blue or green – and intensifying lenses, which help provide an extra touch of light to the gaze.

colored contact lenses

For those who have never used contact lenses, experts advise not to jump into this experience without thinking twice.  At first, you have to wear them only a couple of hours, to get used to the eye, little by little.  Then you can go a step further, trying to wear them for a whole day.  In this way, there will come a time when, practically, you will not even notice them.

One of the main rules for choosing the color of these lenses is to take into account your own physiognomy, skin tone and, most important of all, hair color.  Then, of course, there are personal tastes.

It should be noted that those who already have light eyes, that is: blue, gray or green, could opt for this type of lens in the same shades but lighter, which will help to intensify the gaze, making it more penetrating.  The same could be said for those who have dark eyes, and want to give them a little more shine.

Those with brown eyes can consider themselves lucky because thanks to this color they will be able to choose a lot of shades.  In addition to colored lenses, there are also contact lenses – with a definition rim and without prescription – capable of providing the eye with the most varied effects: fluorescent lenses and cat, spider, or leopard eye lenses.

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