Combine both egg and chicken to get more benefits

Combine both egg and chicken to get more benefits

If you are able to prepare by combining egg and chicken then it will be very tasty to eat. It is not only tasty to eat but also you will get all the benefits that you will get from both. Combination of these is quite normal and people love to combine these two to prepare delicious foods. These are combined in various reasons and now we will know what all the situation that these two will combine and what benefits that you will get by combining these two. Usually you will find these type of food as street food and also you can find this dish at restaurants and hotels. Usually chefs combine these two items to get different variety that can be done by bleeding both these items to get beautiful texture for this variety. But blending of these two should have to be done in such a way that none of those shouldn’t dominate and you have create basil chicken rice with egg. By mixing these two varieties then you will get one final product in which you will know both of these. The taste that you will get by mixing this will be awesome and you will the separate taste of both of them and that is the beauty of this dish.

basil chicken rice with egg

How to prepare this dish.

  1. There are some steps that you need to follow to prepare basil chicken rice with egg. To prepare this initially you have to cook the rice separately and then you can mix them afterwards.
  2. There is another method of cooking this variety in which you can start the dish initially with chicken and after pouring the rice into it you can add egg after wards.
  3. But preparing the first one is better and it will give much more taste as the rice also will make some fry in the oil which will be extra added feature to this item.
  4. There should be control of the sauces and the masala that you are using to prepare it because these should not have to dominate the flavours of the both.
  5. You need to concentrate on the aroma of the dish so that it will lift up the expectations that people are expecting towards it. You can garnish this food with green leafy vegetables.


By following the tips that are mentioned above you will get the best taste.

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