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Factors For Buying Sump Pumps

The very first thing that you need to consider is the operation mode of the pump. There are pumps that are designed with the manual transmission switches so that they can be turned on when the water level crosses a specific mark. However, other models utilize the automatic switches that turn on the pump when it is time. Another important feature is the horsepower of the pump. This must be chosen depending upon the level of water to be drawn. In general, sump pumps are available in the ¼ to the 1 HP units.

Head pressure is another factor that people must look for while buying the sump pumps. It decides the height at which the water will be raised to be pumped out. In general, the 15 ftof the head flow will be enough to evacuate the basement. Power cord length is an important point to notice as it will not be good adding more wire that might cause the short circuit in the water prone areas. Finally, look for the brand logo of the sump pumps as it determines the best quality sump pumps for the residential as well as commercial usage. Such pumps are tested under the versatile conditions and hence ranked as the top grade sump pumps available in the market.

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