Luxury vinyl plank flooring advantages

LVP is an abbreviation for Luxury Vinyl Plank, while LVT is an abbreviation for Luxury Vinyl Tile. Luxury Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Flooring Tile are both designed to appear like planks from hardwood flooring, while Luxury Vinyl Tile is designed to seem like tiles (or natural stone). Because they are single parts of vinyl (rather than sheets of vinyl), they are extremely close in appearance to the genuine thing.

There are many distinct types/forms of Luxury Vinyl, as well as several different grades. Also, don’t be misled by the fact that you’re more likely to discover cheaper versions and knock-offs at the large box shops.

This is the most rapidly growing segment in the market, and the pace of innovation in this sector has been accelerating. There are an increasing number of colour and shape choices, which makes it a really exciting time. Why should you choose an Engineering Vinyl Plank flooring in salt lake city over other flooring options?

Realistic in appearance and feel It’s amazing how realistic Luxury vinyl, particularly engineered vinyl plank, appears and feels. Quite a few of my clients believe it to be hardwood. Additionally, the thicker/more firm boards provide the impression of a more natural floor.

Waterproof Yes, it is a significant advantage since it is resistant to damp and water. As a result, engineered premium vinyl is an excellent choice for spaces that are subject to moisture, such as kitchens, basements, and mudrooms.

It is possible to put it on top of almost any material (as far as it is completely level). Engineered luxury vinyl may be installed on top of a variety of substrates including concrete, wood and tile. It may even be used in conjunction with radiant heat. It is possible to install Engineered Vinyl Plank on concrete, plywood, vinyl, and even tile.

Money-saving advantage: This is often less costly than hardwood or tile, and you can avoid tile tear up, which may add a significant amount to your labour expenses.When compared to glue-down vinyls and laminate, it provides greater insulation and soundproofing.It is designed to fit into kitchens that already have cabinets fitted. You will most likely not encounter height limitations with appliances since it is simpler to install. It is possible that solid wood or tile may add too much height to a room if the cabinets have already been placed before the flooring.