Health Care



A.      Usually people feel that emergency rooms are crowded and that unhygienic. there are situations where people visit the emergency room if they have problems like fever, migraine,  chest pain, and various other problems. But the emergency rooms R better maintain and clean and sterilized thoroughly. if you are living in San Antonio then visit the urgent care san antonio where both clinical and non clinical staff perform their duties in such a way that They maintain sterilization and hygienic environment whenever patient walks in they should not feel uncomfortableness and doctors over there are well experienced and they make proper diagnosis and treatment plan after listening all your symptoms and then they will let you know what to do and went to start the treatment. in emergency situations they are very attentive and try to save the patient in all the possible ways.

2.    About prestige emergency rooms

A.      Whenever any medical emergency arises they should visit the nearby emergency room and before that try to save the life of the patient in all possible ways

B.      Immediately called the ambulance, if you are living in San Antonio then call urgent  care san Antonio where they will reach the place immediately

C.      the prestige emergency rooms provide 24 by 7 service, and the doctors over there are well experienced and they make proper diagnosis of the case after listening to their patient and then they will give you a treatment plan, and do the procedures as fast as possible

D.     thereby they reduce the discomfort of the patient, and makes the patient feel happy and also the emergency room are highly sanitized, hygienic aand the instruments and the lab area everything was properly sterilized

E.      so whenever the patient walks in that treat the patient as their own family member rather than in number in a hospital. the doctors over there are very friendly so that you can communicate with the doctor easily

F.       the doctor should also provide space for their patient to talk so that they can express all his problems and then start the treatment, by that conversation you will get to know if he has any medical history or not


A.      I suggest you if you are living in San Antonio if any problem arises either at home or at workplace visit the prestige emergency rooms where rest they will take care. the doctors over there are well experienced and ethical in doing their work, they will provide space for that patient where patient can communicate all his problems thereby doctors make proper diagnosis and treatment plan and perform accordingly and makes their patients feel comfortable