Is period delay tablet safe

Is it safe to delay the period and how to take pills?

Normally, most of the women feel tired and irritate thinking about their period, where during the periods the health condition of women gets very tired and their hormones gets imbalanced and this creates mood swings for some women. During past years female suffer and a lot during the period days but now the modern women’s are blessed with the option to take tablets to stop period in which by using the tables now you can stop or delay your periods for some period of days. Physician recommends taking one tablet per day where it is safe recommended to avoid the risk of side effects on your body.

If you want to skip or delay your periods because they are painful or if you are going to vacation holiday trip or temple then there are many ways through which you can skip, delay or even stop your periods altogether.

  • You can take Norethisterone tablet
  • Combined contraceptive pill

The above two are popular form of skipping the periods which is followed by huge millions of women whereas other form of method includes taking progestogen-only pill and phasic contraceptive pill however the effects of the each pills get varied.

Why people use these period delay tablets?

tablets to stop period

The periods are the day that makes women to be very tired both mentally and physically where they are painful so, in order to do their day to day activities in best way most of the people make use of these periods tablet. It is very much recommended to take one pills/per day where this form of taking pills do not exhibits any kind of side effects also you can make your busy schedule attend meetings, shopping, party event etc in best way without getting any tension.

Nowadays most of the women are using the tablets to stop period where some of them use it for one day others use for two or three days. Whatever may the days but most of the physician recommend to take one pills for about three days. There are different brands of medicine are out in the market in which Primolut-N tablet which is found to be popular medicine manufacturing industry that specifically manufactures the tablets to stop period. Even though number of tablets are out for stopping or to delay the period it is safe and secure to consult your physician before taking the particular periods stopping pills.

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