square coffee table Singapore

The thing to be aware of while buying wooden coffee table

It is most challenging task when you have diverse range of coffee tables. But if you have decided to already to pick a wooden coffee table Singapore which comes in different shapes and size. But before you buy the coffee table keep ready with this information.

Budget: Setting a budget is crucial as you will find different quality of wood whose cost range is also varies. If you are ready with your investment then selecting range will be set accordingly.

Size and shape: The size, shape and height of the coffee table matters a lot as it is directly connected to the seating object. If the seating object is low then buying a coffee table with much height will not be convenient.

Finishing product: The final finishing of the wooden table decides its longevity of the product. There are different types of finishes which can be done like UV finish, polish, glossy finish, matte finish, laminate etc.

Warranty: Any piece of furniture you might be buying it is planned in such way that it will be with you for years. So most of the limited or pieces which are just designed as per your taste comes with a warranty of the quality of the wood.

Making: The making can be checked by how the parts of the table are attached to each other and toughness of the product. Joints should be strong else the life of the table will not for long time.

Wood type: To decide which wood to buy you should first clear be with what is your budget and for how long will you be using the product. Some examples of hard wood are oak, teak, beech, walnut etc. And some examples of softwood are pine, fur etc.

square coffee table Singapore

How to maintain wooden product

To use your favourite furniture for years then maintenance places a vital role in life span of the product.

  • Dusting should be done regular bases
  • Whenever there gets any stains on the table immediately clean with water. Make sure you dry the water completely as that may damage the wood.
  • To have fresh and shiny look of the table make sure you wax it in regular interval of time.
  • Use gentle cleaning products on the wooden furniture.
  • When you’re using the wooden furniture outside the house make sure you take necessary steps to protect it from outside elements.

Know you have understood how to buy wooden furniture. For more information about the different types of coffee tables and range you can login to the website https://www.lofthome.com/coffee-table of LOFTHOME. You can also visit to their store to get more guidance and advice from the experts.

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