Top Home Hardware Tools to Invest In

Top Home Hardware Tools to Invest In

Part of the joys and pains of being a new homeowner is investing in its maintenance because most of the time, you may have to do it on your own. This can be done easily when you have a toolbox with a few essential home hardware tools for DIY repair. The golden rule is to invest in high-quality tools and avoid the bargain since you are more likely to spend more in the long run. The following are top tools every homeowner must own:

A set of manual screwdrivers

This is one of the most frequently used tools in any home. It’s good in assembling broken furniture, tightening hinges and cabinet knobs, and removing light switch covers. Remember that there are various sizes and shapes of screw heads. That’s why it’s crucial to buy a set of multiple blade tips as well as sizes.

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Claw hammer

It’s more likely that you already have this. A side of the hammerhead is flat and intended for pounding while the other side is V-shaped which is designed for extracting nails from any flat surface like wooden floors without causing damage to the wood or the nails. Make sure that the claw hammer is weather resistant and with reduced vibrations from your arm to the tool itself.


If you want to hang anything at a particular angle, you need a laser level to ensure that everything is straight. The best value for your money is a level that can produce a bright line whether it is horizontal, cross, or vertical on any surface even at 30 feet away.

Digital tape measure

Why digital? One thing is that it makes it easier and quicker to record as well as convert measurements. You can find one that may extend up to 16 feet and one which has a memory function for measurement storage. You’ll find this useful when you’re standing on a ladder and you don’t like scrambling for pen and paper.

Sheet-metal and dry-wall screws

It is required to have a large handful of each type. And it must be a mix of 8-gauge, 6-gauge, and 10-gauge screws. There must also be an equal share of screws with plain-steel and stainless-steel finishes. These screws come in handy in anything that has to be hanged and to fix loose hinges. Screws have better holding power than nails.

Of course, you still have to stock on finishing nails, common nails, and roofing nails. There must be a large handful of each type, and it needs to come in a variety of sizes, as well as a mix of galvanized and ungalvanized finishes. You may also need several toggle bolts in different sizes.

With these essential tools in your toolbox, you are likely to survive the small fixes your home needs without having to call for professional help.

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